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Whats the cans of the day beans or headphones

whats Cans are you rocking today i'm using a can of beans but maybe tomorrow i'll use some stratus ob-1's or something... but in all seriousness what headphones are you using

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Hifiman HE4XX out of the big boy output of an RME Babyface Pro. Solid, solid sound. Listening to Rob Clouth and giving the cans a workout.
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Further violations my incur fines or additional calling out in pubic.

Pixel 2 -> Topping NX4-> MD Pinnacle PX

I received the PX from a Mee Audio Blue Box Drop and am really enjoying them. They have exceeded my expectations and are my favorite IEM to date.

Current IEMs: Klipsch X11i, Etymotic ER6i
Former: Shure SE215, Klipsch R6i
My Grado SR325e’s through a Aune X7S and a Massdrop x Grace design SDAC.
A fellow lover of the 325e's... my first foray into Grado and man was I surprised. This is about the only can that I think does justice to Tom Petty.
Work Today: LG V20>Radsone ES100>Noble K10u (2.5mm )

Home Today: PC>Teac UD-501>Caying IHA-6>Focal Elex (XLR)

Buddies coming by later to listen to some gear so many others will be tried along with those listed above.
Sennheiser HD800s running from a Schiit Magni 2U. Will be replacing with the Jotunheim at some point, I want that sweet sweet balanced out.
First I was like:

Then I was like:
HD-6XX with audio-gd r2r11
Ordered audeze mobius and ORA headphones. Pretty excited with ORA, as they are saying would be the first graphene headphones. https://igg.me/at/ora/x/18340203
Wearing a WH-1000XM2 and pairing it with any device that supports LDAC. Loving it A LOT.
I've been waiting for my phone to get it's Android 8.0 update and (hopefully) LDAC support along with it. May get a shanling just to test out the LDAC for my MDR-1000X. The aptXHD support of the XM2 is appealing but I don't have any other qualms with the earlier version.
As of late, I've been listening more on podcasts rather than music. On that front, aptX works absolutely fine. LDAC is a huge drain on battery for both devices though (cellphone and headphones).
AIG K7XX at home with my Mimby and my Vali 2,
Sennheiser PXC 550 for listening on the go and whenever I don't want to worry about cables and then there's my Campfire Audio Orion, which I've been using both at home, with the mimby and the vali, and on the go, straight from my phone.
Today I brought out the Hifiman HE4xx out for some quality time on the desk with my new Burson Play DAC/amp.
Phillips Fidelio X2HRs right now.

Definitely a unique set of cans.
Today I'm rocking my Koss UR42i's (The "Milwaukee Home" colorway version). Running them off of my Schiit Fulla 2 and I am very impressed. It's a fun headphone; great highs and some extra bass, and I'm amazed at how fast these things are. It took a fair amount of hours to really break these things in, but now they really sound great (for a $42 can that I don't take too seriously). This would be a great headphone for Koss to drop here. I wish the headband would open just 2 more clicks, but that's about the only complaint I have.

I plugged them into the Jot (MB DAC) and they sounded even better.

ZMF Ori. Curbstomps my Sennheiser HD 6XX, the HiFiMan HE-560 I sold recently, and the Audeze LCD-4 I just kicked out.
Just sold a bunch of headphones. Using koss ksc75s with Kramer mod, on a headband, with my new massdrop objective 2 amp. Any normal person would be more than satisfied with this setup but I have an illness with buying new headphones.
Vmoda Crossfade M-100 for casual, Akg N40 and Akg K52 for reference, and PSB M4U8 for travel. All usually paired with a Fiio A3.
ZMF Eikon's or HD650 for work paired with a Schiit Joutenheim. AKG 7xx for home paired with a Topping DX7. Pinnacle P1 paired with a Fiio X3 Gen 2 for travel. Pretty happy with the range of options and the differences between them.