Jun 13, 2016

Whats the cans of the day beans or headphones

whats Cans are you rocking today i'm using a can of beans but maybe tomorrow i'll use some stratus ob-1's or something... but in all seriousness what headphones are you using

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Just sold a bunch of headphones. Using koss ksc75s with Kramer mod, on a headband, with my new massdrop objective 2 amp. Any normal person would be more than satisfied with this setup but I have an illness with buying new headphones.
Vmoda Crossfade M-100 for casual, Akg N40 and Akg K52 for reference, and PSB M4U8 for travel. All usually paired with a Fiio A3.
ZMF Eikon's or HD650 for work paired with a Schiit Joutenheim. AKG 7xx for home paired with a Topping DX7. Pinnacle P1 paired with a Fiio X3 Gen 2 for travel. Pretty happy with the range of options and the differences between them.
Today and yesterday, SE535 reshells by InEarz. My first pair of CIEMs!
Bose QC25.. dont buy them, they break really easily and they cost too much. The replacement cord is $30. I'm checking out the Sony MDR7506's. They're over 3 times cheaper, but better audio quality.
HD6XX for home listening, M50x for tracking while recording my guitars, SE846 for on the go mobile. If the weather is bad outside, I pick my MA750i.
I'm rolling with M50x and AD500x (bit of a cheapskate)
My daily listening cans are Sennheiser HD650 and AKG 7xx at home paired with a Schiit Joutnheim, and for work a pair of Fostex TH-X00 and surpsringly a pair of SuperLux HD668B, which are fabulous with new pads paired with an Oppo HA-2 SE. I use a pair of Pinnacle P1 for travel which are superb with a Fiio X3 Gen2. Overall pretty happy with my options.
For when I'm at my desk I use the Superlux HD 668b, and when I'm not I either use ROCK Zircon or KSC 75, depending on if I need any isolation
Out of my entire collection, my favourite headphones that I rock the most are the Philips Fidelio X2/27 and the Audeze Sine.

Listening with the Philips X2 is purely for my enjoyment. It makes everything sound big and awesome. It has great clarity. It's also perfect for gaming because of the wide sound stage. It's immersive and 3D location in-game is excellent with these headphone if the game has a good audio engine.

I use the Audeze Sine more for critical listening. These are the most neutral headphones I own. It's perfect for reference. The imaging is accurate to a point of which I can only describe as surgical precision. (This is of course if you don't use the included cypher cable. ) Even though it's neutral and the bass isn't that exciting to listen to, I notice that I enjoy my music more with this set. It's faithful to the intended sound of the studio recording which is awesome if that's your thing.
Previously - Sony MDR-XD200, Panasonic RP-HJE290K (If u also mean IEMS), Xiaomi piston 2, Xiaomi Piston 3

Currently: JVC HA-FXT90, Noontec Zoro HD

I enjoyed bass mostly on piston 2, but sadly it broke after 1 and half month of use.
Hifiman 400i for me today and most days because, well, planar...
Audio Technica ATH-A900x. Great for acoustic, vocal, and my favorite, the cello.
Today senn hd650s.
Really nothing more overall satisfying to listen to for me. Anything else is too accurate or not accurate enough/congested. I fall asleep all the time with them on, even at my desk because of how much music sucks you in.
Love my Beyerdynamic DT-880's @ 250 Ohms. Sound FANTASTIC without destroying the bank (or the marriage, heh)
Love my V-Moda M100's!
Well, because I'm a wannabe, my Superlux HD668b's bought here on Massdrop. :) I use 'em for everything.
I'm rocking Audeze Sine now. Fantastic sounding headphone. :D
rocking my Audio Technicas ATH-AD900X's. those are mostly for games and general listening but if i want a little more bass or for movies i tend to use my M40X