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Which Graphicscard?

I'm currently looking at parts for a build. Should i go with a gtx 1060 6gb, or should i save up a little longer and buy a gtx 1070 8gb?

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I'd advise 1070. If 1440p gaming is your goal, grab that and a Dell S2417DG. 400$ for 1440p, 165Hz + G-Sync. Colors out of the box are a bit off but it's pretty easy to look up how to fix them.
I use a 1070 myself btw. I've been very satisfied.
U can also get the FURY for same price as 1060/480.
Another reason to go AMD is if you want cheaper access to FreeSync. G-Sync is more expensive for the equivalent size/resolution/panel type, and it is usually only found on very high end monitors.
I have gtx 1060 and i am pretty happy with the performance. If you are gaming on 1080p 1060 is the best. If you want max out for 1440p or medium 4k on games you should go for 1070.
I am an amd fan myself in the market for building a pc at the moment as well but I would go with the 1060 if you arent going to spend the 600 dollars for a monitor that can handle a higher resolution than 1080p. I also would consider the rx480 but I like the new pascal architecture in nvdia builds and amd is moving on from the 480 here soon after the ryzen releases.
If you're not committed to Nvidia the rx480 8gb is between those two cards in terms of performance. And can be found for around 200$ US. You might want to consider it. Otherwise the answer depends on what you do with your computer and how important high frame rates are, monitor resolution price and a host of other things.
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