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GMK Mondrian - Blank Set for Ortholinears

UPDATE 17/07/17
The GB is live on Caps Unlocked! >>
The kit is fixed, here's the GMK render:
And some 3D render to get the better idea of the set:

Previous updates:

A node to one of my favourite artist of all time, Piet Mondrian, which accidentally share similar aesthetic with ortholinear keyboard. So here I am, wanting to make a blank GMK set with some accents which can be used as a visual guide for a more critical keys—or just for sweets. The simplicity yet bold visual is what will make them unique on each people keymap and aesthetical preferences.

The profile will be standard 1-2-3-4-4 while the colors will be:
  • N6 for Yellow
  • V1 for Red
  • V4 for Blue
  • L9 for White

Extra good news is GMK willing to make all-new 2u and 1u convex mold for the spacebar (or button)!
Don't hesitate to share your opinion ;)
*I'm trying to get a proper 3D mockup so please bear with the KLEs for now :(
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Any chance of a R2?
Super excited for this one!
Thanks! Hope you can help us reaching te MOQ :D
The group buy is live at !
It's a nice inspiration from his work :) I personally enjoy Piet's work alongside Ben Nicholson and Chuck Close for the similar Art they make.

Making this feasible in GMK isn't quite the best option in my view, since it consists of rgb accents. It isn't in a uniform profile like DSA, cost can go up if one's going to place the colours anywhere they want, you'd want a kit for each row in each colour. Unless you could talk with them for just R3 only keys. I get that Cherry profile has nicer sharp lines to match Piet's work but having these done isn't a good choice price wise, maybe. Perhaps in PBT by Keyreative or so?
Honestly the usage of uniform profile will bring this set a step closer to the representation, maybe DSA or XDA. SP can do custom color with no additional cost while I don't know anything about XDA policy.

The reason why I still wanna push on GMK is to fill the (1) GMK for ortho—I'm quite bothered with legended alpha but blank mods so why don't go full blank (2) GMK blanks—like, never heard of it (3) and from the blank factor—alternate layout user like Colemak/Dvorak.

And for the price, actually I just got a quotation from GMK and added with shipping and tax $83 is what I get (the kit pictured after Mondrian painting here) for MOQ of 150.

But yeah I still gauge interest here and if there isn't much interest poppin', seems like I will contact SP and hope they take interest to run this as the keyset of the month (which I doubt since the simplicity of this set is ridiculous lol).

Thank you very much for your input!
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