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Recommended Audio Players

What Audio Players do you use and recommend for others? I would love suggestions for Mac, PC, and phones (when available). Looking forward to finding some new ones to try out!
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For mac, Audirvana Plus + direct mode hack + TDR Nova plugin for EQ. I've bought Amarra Luxe but don't find the sound as good as audirvana.

For Windows, JRiver + WASAPI + EqualizerAPO + Peace plugin (or Sonarworks Reference 4 if you're rich)
Depending on your degree of technical astuteness, I would recommend Neutron Player for Android as the definite standout. Documentation (only available from website FAQ and users forum) generally sucks, it is very slow to update on a large library, and it takes a lot of poking around to determine the best settings. Having said that, the rewards are the greatest flexibility of any android player for selection of source (can play all known formats including DSD, DXD and DOP) and most output devices ( SMB/CIFS, UPnP/DLNA, FTP, WebDAV, headphones, or directly to USB DAC or UPnP/DLNA or Chromecast) natively. Neutron also contains a true implementation of a configurable parametric equalizer.

For windows, the only choice is foobar2000. Ignore the statements of ugly, as it can be customized to look like just about any player currently available,
Roon and Tidal on my iMac, out to BiFrost and Lyr2.
I use Amarra Symphony on my mac, and demoing Amarra 4 Luxe at the moment. 4 seems to sound better integrating with iTunes. The room correction, is a nice feature for full range speakers. I've used Decibel as well. What I like about both is they seem to have very little if any added to the end sound - very clean and more pure sounding than other players I've tried from the mac.
I have buy new iphone so, I am looking for best audio players for my phone.I have used many audio players but did't get best .So, i decided to contact to https://babasupport.org/apple/ipad-customer-service-number/314 for best audio players.
I use Foobar2000 for windows and USB Audio Player Pro (UAPP) for Android (much better audio quality than PowerAmp). Really like how both function and sound.

I use Neutron Pro on Android love it,

Foobar 2000 on all my Windows systems and jRiver only on my WIN 7 system, I'm not a big fan of jRivers lay out... but it has a very powerful native DSP suite built in that I use from time to time

I really enjoy Musicbee on Windows (and Linux/Mac too if I'm not mistaken) which has very good sorting options, very advanced customization (pretty much anything can be changed up to how you want it).
There's also custom themes, which you can also change to your liking. Finally, Musicbee also has a third party remote app on Android to control your offline music through the local network, which is a neat feature that I didn't expect.
It also supports videos through any external video player you'd like. If there was one downside, I'd say that it can be overwhelmingly advanced in customization, you'll want to look up how to change some stuff because there's tons of menus.
Even though there's so many menus the program manages to stay uncluttered, and like I said before, you can make the main user interface as clean and simple as you'd like.

For Android I use Blackplayer EX, it's by far the best music player I've ever used on a mobile device. It far surpasses Google Play Music in terms of pretty much everything, from the extreme customization for the user interface to library management.
I can find zero complaints, apart from one little thing, I had an album in flac format with an average bitrate of over 5000kbps, and the player couldn't play it. It wasn't the end of the world though, and besides, this is probably an Android related issue or an issue with my specific device, not the app.

BlackPlayer EX: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kodarkooperativet.blackplayerex&hl=en
MusicBee: https://getmusicbee.com/
Been using a Fiio X5iii to use out and about. Excellent sonics for on the go and pairs well with the EDC. IDSD Black Label and media monkey on my laptops.

Massdrop gotta get on some IDSD stuff. BL is truely kick ass.
My portable player is a Fiio X3 Gen2. Very good player with a nice amp that can power my HD650s with ease. I mainly use my Mee Pinnacle P1 IEMs for travel.

For home I use an Intel Nuc running Ubuntu Studio with a Schiit Joutnheim plugged in via USB. Very happy with this setup. My HD650s are my main home cans, but I also use my Fostex TH-X00 for Motown and hip hop. The Schiit has endless power, even for the most demanding headphones, and the USB DAC is superb.

For my office I use an Oppo HA-2 SE plugged into a windows 10 laptop. The oppo is very nice, but a little under powered for demanding high ohm cans (over 300 ohm), so I paired the oppo with a Nobsound Ns-01e. The nobsound is a pretty amazing little (I mean tiny!) amp for $50 on Amazon when paired with a good DAC. It is extremely powerful, and adds some tube warmth which I enjoy on my AKG 7xx and SuperLux HD668B.

will return later to read all these recommendations.
JRiver FTW. Library management, SQ, network server, remote apps. Unsurpassed on Mac or PC.
Does anyone use Media Monkey on PC and Android? I'm trying it now. Kind of a learning curve on PC. The native player in Android handles FLAC files. I haven't tried other lossless files yet. Using Note5.
Foobar2000 is my personal favorite player for Windows. Very easy to use and tons of 3rd party plugins.
Foobar2000 for PC, Audirvana for Mac, PowerAmp for Android
What ever player you guys choose I highly recommend downloading asio4all it is better than wasapi.

I use JRiver with asio4all.
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Not true, as if the device is compatible, both are bit perfect. That is, no difference possible as perfect transport of DIGITAL stream.
Can be no difference, as if used with compatible devices, they are both bit perfect.
On Mac, I think VOX would be a great choice.
Their loop feature does not have a playlist, but if a single use as a player instead of orgnizer, VOX is a choice.