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Basel 2017

Friends, Horologists, Watch Geeks.... The time is upon us once again for Basel World. With that said, does anyone have an hopes, expectations of any releases from any of the manufacturers this year?
I for one think Rolex will be doing something special for the Sub Sea Dwellers anniversary. Probably look for Glycine to release models that have been "Invicta-fied". I hope Omega releases some new Speedmasters that borrow from the Tuesday model with that Panda dial it has, but I won't hold my breath on that one!

Anyone else?

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Watchman33 here, I have always been a watch guy been collecting for years, started with invictas. Getting the higher end movements then went to a Rollie yatch master, then a Mont Blanc fly back,and it seems I get more compliments on my invictas by the general public, that being said when I wear the good stuff only other watch guys notice!
A Bronze EDOX Delfin, for those of us that like the quirky metal types. Not to many details on it yet, but looks cool

Saw all these, and liked. Especially applaud Blancpain for releasing the Fifty Fathoms 40mm with large bezel! And the 38mm Seiko on rubber absolutely kills it (too bad she's a limited piece). The Seiko on bracelet is the larger general version.

And this got me weak in the knees, Breitling Heritage Super Ocean II....

There you go...
Thanks man.... saw it early this morning. Not impressed, not at all, to close to the size of a deepsea, This is a total miss for me.... I miss the old SD that stopped production in '07. Why Rolex Why?
Big watches are the trend nowadays (especially sports/dive watches), so I guess Rolex is trying to stay on trend (cover all their bases, although there's the deepsea). Plus, I think they're trying to differentiate it with the sub in terms of case size. Where before it was with the exclusion of the cyclops, which coincidentally they now introduced to the SD, to make it dissimilar with the deepsea!? *sigh* I guess, Rolex is trying to revitalise the SD. Anyway, if it's a fail they can just discontinue the line and those that do purchase it will have a rare collectable, similar to that of the red sub (not saying that model was a fail) LOL. IMO, they should've made it 42 mm like the Explorer II, 43 mm is somewhat of a weird size.

*Keep on watching...*
A $2000 Breitling! Superquartz, Breitlight case, sapphire, 100m water resistance... I think it's awesome they are releasing some better priced watches
I've seen 3 really cool radipgraphys of 3 new watches, one speedy, one seamaster and a rail master, i hope that glycine doesn't go shit, they can do all the shit they want with invicta and technomarine, that already has no name, i think they'll mantain their heritage and hopefully even kill some extra colored models.
I hope your right about Glycine, that they preserve the heritage. And it does indeed look like Omega w be releasing a new Railmaster, albeit limited to 3557 pieces, as a part of the "Heritage Trilogy". A limited Seamaster and Speedy round out the triumvirate.

Thanks for the picture!!
I heard rumours that Rolex is going to release a new coke gmt on a rubber strap like on the yachtmaster. Will you upgrade your coke? :)
Not likely.... the cerachrom bezels and maxi dial never really connected with me. My GMT and I have to much history together also quite frankly, can't wait to if a new sea dweller appears though
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