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Curious about how people store their pens and unique ideas for pen storage -

I am always looking for smart storage idea for pen ( art supplies and just about everything in my house )
So I would love to see what clever ideas folks have come up with storing their fountain pens :)
I will have to take some photos of my recent acquisition(s) to better store my pen... Mostly because we really do like to eat off our kitchen table when it isn't heaped with pens ! :O
I scored a sweet ink trunk at Goodwill and a friend got it for me for my birthday.. it is the bomb :)
Maybe we can all swap some storage ideas - Kiitos !

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My ink trunk from Goodwill.... I have to say I love it !
I have a small wood box/ trunk and I want to do the same thing for the inside of it. Then I will be able to keep one by my art table downstairs and one upstairs.
There is a small tray that slides out of the way or lifted out completely to get to the inks under it.

Thanks for the info... I shall check them out
The drawers are made/sold as pastel and colored pencil storage. One brand came with foam lining the bottom which is about 1/8th inch thick. I removed the foam and cut felt for the bottom. The dividers were glued in place. With a little jiggling I was able to remove them so I can arrange them to fit my supplies.
Reading the reviews was totally confusing. I learned why the reviews are so varied... while the outside dimensions are exactly the same for different brands.... the inside dimensions are not the same. Because I bought 3 different units, 3 different brands, I was able to measure each - mystery solved.
Different brands use different thickness of wood for the sides and drawers which means the inner drawer dimensions vary from 1/8" to 1/4" or even a 1/2' inch or so.
It does't sound like much, but it makes a difference when it comes to paper sizes that are measured in centimeters... For example; some will hold the Rhodia #18 pad and some will not.
If anyone would like the dimensions for them, I am happy to send them along :) Being a visual person, I took photos to see what would fit etc.. I can add those if anyone wants them :)

@Theroc - These 3 drawer storage boxes are 20 - 30 dollars. ( one brand has a deeper bottom drawer ) There is also a 2 drawer that is a bit shorter. Both will hold a lap top or tablet on the top, they do stack on one another. They are 15 3/4" wide x 9 3/4" deep x 4" high. I wanted them to fit inside the cabinet. They would easily sit on a desk or book case shelf. Haven't gotten all my pens in them, need to decide how I want to organize them. Put some in for the pics :)

Where did you find those - I can find use for those ;) I am guessing that you have your supplies within reach of your favorite writing table/desk ?? That would be my goal... except my usual writing spot has been the kitchen table. Oh what an ordeal to move everything off the table come dinner time and put it back in reach afterward. *sigh* Luckily, there is a cabinet next to the table that I am slowly taking over... It currently stores wine and beverage glasses and adult beverage supplies. I finally came across the perfect solution for my pens and other little ditties that I want to keep at hand ( and don't want to drop into the gravy ) - Very affordable and easily adaptable for organizing things... now to figure out how I want to arrange pens and junk.

The Vlando's Desktop sets are available on Amazon.
I thought about pen drawers long and hard. They just don't suit the way I use my writing instruments. I like to keep them in their original packaging except when they are in rotation, then I like them within arm's length and visible...
So that I can constantly stare at them :D
I still like the drawers though. Might switch someday if I get bored with my current setup.
There is no single storage solution that would work for me.
So I used four sets of these
Three black and one yellow to build this
My notebooks and finer writing instruments I keep in a closed cabinet.
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