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We Make Awesome Barbecue Sauce

Hello everyone, I am a bit new to Massdrop. I actually came here by way of Mechanical Keyboards research and stumbled on the Cooking community. I love to cook outdoors and I prefer real barbecue, not some crappy wrapped in plastic meat thrown on a gas grill and petrified, but real smoky, juicy, and flavorful barbecue. My brother and I are both software and web developers, but we grew up under the apprenticeship of our father who was a two time barbecue world champion in 1985 and 1987.
Our father was featured in many large newspapers, books, and TV shows growing up and was one of the pioneers of the championship barbecue community. He loved to make people happy with food and it was one of the best things we learned as children growing up.
Find out more at:
Our father, Jim Quessenberry, on Great Chefs of Southern BBQ

We Would Love To Be Massdrop Foodies Too!

We're here to get people interested in our family barbecue sauce and spice business and we would love to offer a drop discount for raving fans. I would love to send each of you a free sample of our products just to wet your appetites and increase our exposure. I do have to limit shipping of free samples to domestic U.S. addresses, however we do ship internationally for medium to bulk sized orders.
We see the potential in growing a community for enthusiasts by enthusiasts so we're here to share recipes, tips, tricks, and photos of our dishes as we grow with the community. We're not just here to sell product, but to be a part of something that everyone loves.

Ribs from our latest football season tailgate
Please take a minute to visit our website at and be sure to take a look at our products. Each product is made by hand in Memphis, TN. We love our business and we do it for fun. We've decided if it's not fun we don't have any business doing it.

Pulled pork from our last barbecue contest.

We're a local to regional sized company with locally sourced ingredients, packaging, and labels.

All of our products are mixed, poured, filled, and labeled by hand by our team. We do this once every 2 weeks or so to keep up with demand from local grocers. We're currently selling on the shelves of approximately 25 stores at any given time of the year in Arkansas and Tennessee. We would like to expand our product availability and product lines to online retail sales to foodies just like you all.
This is Patrick, our partner's son and also Chief of Staff for the company.

A common demo table for our grocery store demonstrations.
This is our throwback packaging from the mid 1990's when our Dad was selling locally to grocery stores throughout Northeast Arkansas.

Thanks for checking us out,

Lee Quessenberry
Don Dennis, Phillip Lee Perry, and 41 others

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Hello everyone! There might be a way that you all can get in on the action still. But you'll have to act fast.

Read our blog and then sign up for The Grill Masters Club before Jan 4 and you have a high chance of getting our sauce in the box. I think they'll do international too but at a risk due to various problems with international shipping.
Hey Lee, i recently tried ordering some of your products online, however i found that you're unable to ship to Australia. Is there any chance that you could?

I apologize for the delayed response! We would love to and we can, but we'll need to work out an arrangement with you to help us understand the best processes for handling shipping and so on. PLEASE don't hesitate to respond to us directly at sales (at) bluffcitybbqsupply (dot) com. I apologize for the delay.
Wow, I think I remember seeing this in Jonesboro, years ago! The one thing I hate about apartment living is the inability to grill...
It looks like a fellow Massdrop enthusiast just made an order with us! Thanks!
Do you have any Paleo sauce?
Define Paleo and I will see. I am a bit of a newb when it comes to the Paleo diet.
I'm sorry everyone but we've decided not to pursue a drop here on Massdrop. It's got nothing to do with the love and support of the community, because you all were very supportive.

It boiled down to a single decision by one of the higher ups at Massdrop rather than the traditional community demand model. We will continue to blaze trails for the cooking community as a whole and we welcome any and all of you to follow along and help us bring World Champion class BBQ to the foodies.

For more information, please email us at
@AlexPeterkin We just sold a $110 package with a 12 count case to a customer in Georgia and have had solid sales every day this week . What do we need to do to get a response from you guys to pick up the sauce and Drop it? Shall I send a raven?
hi there! my name is Isaiah! most people call me Ike i make candy on my time, is there any way i could buy some? i live in Washington, and I'd love to buy some!!
Of course! We wanted to do a drop here to create a ton of sales all at once, but you are more than welcome to use our website to place an order. Might I suggest the crowd favorite bundle, Quess' Favorite Bundle. Be sure to use the coupon code lifetime10 at checkout for a swift kick in the pants of 10% off the entire order!
While we wait to hear back from our Massdrop representative, I have gone ahead and introduced ourselves on ProductHunt. Let's build a community around handmade BBQ products.
Count me in when the product drops!
Wow! Thank you! It means so much to us to see this kind of support from the community.
You had me at Arkansas, Woo Pig! I just saw this story in the discussions,.I'll keep an eye out for your drop. I know the Memphis community loves to brag about their BBQ, it's nice to see Arkansas getting into the BBQ fray. Some say, if you can't get behind BBQ... that's just un-American.
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We're always up for an excuse to BBQ! There are a lot of mysteries that people think they have with BBQ, but the best way to do it is to explore and lots of trial by fire... literally! email us at sales (at) JimQuessenberry dot com and let us know what you'd specifically like to do. Michael and I have lots of tips and tricks for several big cuts like whole hog, ribs, Boston Butts, chicken, and others.
I also meant to tell you to visit our blog for good stories and some recipes peppered in.
Hello foodies! I am Michael, Lee's brother, and I just wanted to take time to say hello and introduce myself. Also I wanted to show you guys what I did this past weekend. My friends invited me over to have a few brewskis in exchange for me cooking some delicious ribs. They bought everything, and I manned the smoker. Here are the results.
I'd like to thank AlexPeterkin, richardgao, Gomark, Vermonsta, and BigBoyLoki for participating in this thread. At the moment the project is on hold. The buyers aren't sure if they're ready to handle condiments as products just yet. I hope that we can come together and make this work. In the meantime, please feel free to ask us questions and continue the conversation.
We're soooo close to getting the first Drop ready to go. Right now it's just some formality and perseverance getting us ready for the drop. We'll be coming up with some very value added packages for the drop so that you get a really good value. In the meantime, take a look at my latest blog: