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Since we have a FEW GMT fans here

I had to share this, as I think this is just super awesome wicked cool.... A 1950's Rolex 6542 "Albino" GMT with Bakelite bezel. These are a rare as hens teeth. Article here, had to share, and enjoy the day people!
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While we're in the subject, check out my mates 6542 😍
thats a well worn workhorse..... One just came up for sale at one of my favorite spots for vintage pieces. I love the bakelite, it's just so freaking delicate though compared to the newer lines
@StainlessOnly I thought we can chat here. To maintain your good relationship with the AD, best course of action is for you to buy it first then for me to buy it off you. Delivery can be worked out easily, I would even fly out there to collect. I sold my Pepsi (16710) in anticipation for this, it was rumoured to come out last year but wasn't to be. I even resisted into getting the Batman and adamant to wait for this long awaited Pepsi Max (the nickname going around). Tudor Pepsi being the "Diet Pepsi" LOL.
The new GMT didn’t make it from Switerland yet, but I did try one on, and it is indeed a piece.
need to figure a way to contact you directly Oscar
Someone posted on a forum that Rolex is doing the rounds with their dummy new Basel releases. He saw the Pepsi and TT Root Beer, the latter was notably quite stunning in real life.
Isn't this the Pan AM model?
Love my Squale homage..
It would hold that the Albino model was made for executives of the airline Pan-Am who were cranky the Pilots were getting the cool GMT we all know, and they weren't. To quiet them down, Rolex cooked up this baby and let it loose. That's how the story goes anyway....
Awesome article mate, the genuine one and only bakelite bezel!
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