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[COMING SOON!] Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Hi everyone!
You asked for it, and we listened. Anova and Massdrop have teamed up to bring you the Anova WiFi Sous Vide Precision Cooker! We're excited to be part of the Massdrop community, and can't wait for all you home-chefs to impress your friends and family with restaurant quality meals.
Not familiar with sous vide? Learn more here:
Want to know the benefits of precision cooking? Take a peak at our blog post on the topic:
Also, check out the meals our amazing #anovafoodnerd family of home cooks has created with their Precision Cooker below (more deliciousness here:
Who's excited for the Anova Precision Cooker? What's the first thing you're going to make?

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Note to believers: on sale at Sur La Table for $129 (vs $199 MSRP). Same price at Amazon, by the way.

The burning question: What will the MD price be, and how much longer will you have to wait for it????
Wake up--It's a trendy gimmick brought to you buy the same people who told folks forty-years ago they could cook a Thanksgiving turkey in their microwave! You can, of course, but what's the point? Two-step cooking is one step too many.
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Yup, I‘m in the same minimalist camp as you when in comes to buying junk that is just that. I just think the sous vide cookers may be a little different than the trash on infomercials. I think the average buyer of this item is genuinely interested in making high quality food, as opposed to convenience like others you’ve referenced. It’s a well established cooking method that previously would have been tough, or at least inconvenient to use in a home. That said, there is an even more minimalisitc approach to sous vide without this device: heat water to 160ish degrees, out water in a well insulated cooler, put meat in a watertight ziplock, “suck” the air out by submerging the bag into the water just to the opening of the bag, toss bag into the hot water, cover, wait like 2 hours and voila... perfectly, evenly cooked meat. It all has to do with specific heat of water and efficient heat transfer vs air (convection). The energy required should actually be less than an oven or grill, that is once the water is heated. The temps used are not much higher than the finishing temp of the meat. Also, no evaporation of lovely juices! See? Science! I believe in it as much as I do climate change and live a lifestyle as such. So, no, your garbage heap pic is not theoretical, although the notion that I (or many like me) are actively contributing to it via sous vide cooking is a little alarmist imo. Ironically, I did buy a vacuum sealer and use it for sous vide. Now THAT thing is a POS that may tip the scales to ending the earth after I throw it away. 
You know, I just may try that ;- )
Looking forward to it!!
I really want to know how to remotely turn this on from my phone. Has anyone come across any solutions?
Depends if it's bluetooth or wifi. If it's bluetooth use a computer or laptop with bluetooth. If it's wifi it just has to be on the same network. But it has to be on and not sleeping. Install an Android emulator on the computer (Android Studio, Bluestacks, Genymotion, whatever), install the Anova app onto it, set it up to talk to the unit.

Then set up your preferred remote access app. If you use Chrome you can use Chrome Remote Desktop. There's always VNC and its varients, Splashtop, many more. Use that to access your computer from wherever, to access the Android emulator, to access the unit.
These are used for cheaper cuts of meat but great on high dollar cuts also
very slow way to cook but does well
but worth the wait
This one?
Looks like the deal is live now: After shipping costs, it looks to be a $20 savings over Amazon which seems like a good deal.
Any update on when this is expected to happen? I'm pretty excited to see what Massdrop comes up with on this one since it's been on the list of "must have but can't afford at the moment" items for some time.
Hi Heefty! The drop will happen in the next two weeks. Keep checkin' back!
OK, so just found this deal yesterday and decided to with for Massdrop.

Newest WiFi version was at $142, please come thru with a better price for that version![ks|nativestream
Hi Chimi - the WiFi price on Amazon has never dropped below it's current price of $169 (in 2017). If WiFi was selling for $142, it was through a reseller and not from Anova - this means the product could be damaged, outside of it's warranty, etc. Definitely check the seller before purchasing!
If this meets my expectations of a "deal" then this is an instant buy.
I hope you can offer us a good price on them. I have one waiting in my Amazon wish list for ages. Also, hope you include suitable bags with the drop.
I got a great deal on this thing at Black Friday last year, 60% off. Hopefully they offer a pretty good discount here as well, since they've proven they're willing to offer deep discounts.
I just bought the bluetooth model last month, so now I’m anxious to see what the deal will be on Massdrop.
How does the warranty work since you were just bought out?
Anova offers a 1 year full warranty