Mar 30, 2017

Victorinox Swiss Army Outrider Damast LE 2017

So...what do we think? $400 is a hefty MSRP for this, but I'm sure there are some collectors eyeing it. Only 360 will be made available in North America - who's interested in this if we can get a decent price for the group?

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Too much money for this
Yeah, this.
Customers: we would love some of these great SAK designs with better steel!
Victorinox: We hear you. here's a $50 knife in damasteel for $400.
Customers: thanks...
I'm interested
If you like the one posted, check this out Victorinox Rangerwood 9 FC. Next round maybe??
Victorinox has been doing Damascus blade limited edition versions of their product line for several years now. They are pretty damn nice imho.
Check your daily emails tomorrow 4/12, we did pretty well on the price and these may go fast...

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You did excellent on the price. Timing is a little tough for me, but I imagine if these aren't all gone tomorrow ill give in. So part of me wants these gone so that I'm not "forced" to buy, but the other parts wants them to still be available.
Hey everyone -- Really appreciate the feedback on this thread, I will be meeting with Victorinox tomorrow and hope that we can have some news on this and the new LE 2017 Army Green soon.

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It would need to be a stunning chunk of Damascus for $400 USD. Interested for the right price, and only if it had international shipping.
Damascus seems to be diluting the market and therefore is overvalued in this instance but I'm sure you'll get enough suckers...uh I mean collectors to bite.
i'd be interested if we could get the price point right.
I love the Damascus blade bit for 400 bucks I'll have to pass, could get a nice flipper for that money
I'm a fan. I have a "standard" red just a step larger than this one including the mag glass, knot hook thing, tweezers inserted on one edge and a toothpick on the other. The knife, the scissors, and the bottle opener are my 3 more frequently used "tools" without counting how useful it has been to have the "emergency"  Philips or those tweezers.

My key chain looks like this: Key Fob (because car keys aren't actual keys now) and Swiss Army Knife. That's it. Simple and practical. I'm all in for a clean "classy" upgrade on what's been a very useful accessory of mine.
👎 nope
Great feedback so far, thanks and please keep it coming.

Based on the first comments, I will see what I can do to make it possible and well-priced. Thanks!
This setup is grossly over priced. A serial number and a damascus blade is nothing special. Perhaps if the liners were jeweled and the scales were truly an exotic material with the aforementoned benefits, then I could see this warranting a higher price point.
Right? You can get the same configuration here for $81:

The Damascus blade and low serial number just aren't worth over $300... it's absurd.
I think it'd have to be $299 or less. The LE Pioneer X with Damascus went for around $200 in most places and sold out but I don't know many people who collect the 111mm series.
Make a collectors' edition with a thousand individually numbered pieces and sell them for (only) 499. Then six months later drop a very similar but not so limited 99%'s edition for 149. I can wait.
Edit: jk aside, the damascus blade does look spectacular.
I think some people will absolutely be interested. $400 is definitely hefty for the materials involved. I don't know much about victorinox their limited edition knives. If they rarely do them, then I'd say do it. If they're coming out with LE knives every month, then it makes them a little less special. If we can get a good deal, I'd probably jump on this.
Victorinox knives are great quality. As for special editions, they do a fair number of them, but this is the first I've seen with a damascus blade. It might be worth it for a hard core SAK collector, but $400 seems a bit high. Half of that might be reasonable in my book.
I'd agree on price you mentioned. It would have been nice to see them do mall the tools in Damascus instead of just the blade. It makes it seem a little out of place. Plus, it would be very unique to see everything with Damascus.
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