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I looked into making my own masa dough (for tortillas!) some time ago and found many references to a machine called a Nixtamatic for grinding nixtamalized corn into masa. The nixtamatic grinder is made in Mexico and, while you can order one with some difficulty, it isn't currently easily accessible or affordable to people in the US.

  1. Is there anyone else interested in something like this to make their own masa?
  2. Are there other devices that are more readily available and affordable that can do this?
  3. Should I make a poll for one?

Now you have found 2! Worked much better than wonder jr deluxe w/masa auger.


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That's not as bad as I expected. I have one of those Omega juicer things that basically looks like a consumer grade version of this thing, It touts it's ability to make nut butters and it obviously is made for wet material so I wonder if it could handle making masa.
I found one person online that said their Omega worked. That's interesting.