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New Strap Design!

Hey All,
The name's Nick, and I've been a long time member of the Massdrop scene, but have only recently become more active in these parts. So I thought I'd introduce myself!
I'm a budding custom durable goods designer out of San Jose, CA, and greatly enjoy crafting with leather specifically. And as of late, I've come up with a design that I'm dying to share with the Massdrop Watch world to see how it might fare. That said, I've submitted a poll to the best of my ability, and can't wait to see what might come from it. I also figured that I might make a post here to open an additional dialogue with you guys and get a gut level reaction on the overall concept. It's available in all widths from 18-24mm, as well as the option for brass, gunmetal, or nickel hardware.
I've been wearing my original Ruler NATO prototype strap for about two weeks now, and sold a dozen or so already, all to great success. I love this thing. And maybe you will too!
So without further adieu, the Leather Ruler NATO Stud Watch Strap, (AKA: The Time Traveler - official name in progress :P ) But I welcome all feedback, questions, and comments! Cheers.


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Which seiko Model
Hey Nick! I bought your starter three pack - which included the ruler strap - some weeks ago and I like the product. A lot! My comments are as follows:
1. I love the supple feel of the leather. I have some watches where the pin-to-watch body gap is too narrow for some NATO straps. Your stud straps fit even these.
2. I, like many watch geeks, am looking for something different. The stud design, versus a buckle, fits that purpose
3. I love the adjustability that the studs provide. Infinite. Also very easy to change out and fit to the wrist.
4. Suggest that all straps come with two studs. As you can see from my photo, this prevents a tongue of the strap from skewing sideways a little.
5. Love the earth tones (autumn redux, for example) and the designs (like waves). I would like to see more colors - blues (including a soft pastel), greens, reds etc.
6. The studs almost have a steam punk aesthetic. Nice!
Keep up the good work!

Hey there! Thank you so much for the feedback! I will definitely look into adding more interesting colors to the mix; it's just so hard to get away from the lush, natural tones when it comes to leather. Would love to hear what you have to say about the Autumn Redux straps tho! They seem right down your alley, and really have a different character compared to its former veg tan siblings.

Awesome Bambino too, looks right at home on the Ruler Strap :)
You were generous enough to provide me with a coupon. I'll be ordering soon! We get the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises where I live. Reds, blues, greens etc. They are "of the earth" too. Best of luck with the business. You are doing good work.
I have this, and it works well with the quirky buckle. A standard buckle will reduce the appeal. I get comments from people who love it all the time!
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Thanks, that saves me time paging through all the different watches.

From a quick look I don't see any wacky versions with scuba divers or tanks in the 22 mm series.

What I really want is a watch with Vladimir Putin bare chested on a horse waving a red hammer and sickle flag. Then I could balance that with a Chinese watch with a scene from "Red Detachment of Women" or "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy."
I understand :DDD how about
They have the 710 and 110 case with the scuba dude allready customised..
shut up and take my money!
I love that design. I agree, if that had a standard buckle, I would order it immediately and rock that all day long. Awesome aesthetic though, and I can't wait to see what you do in the future!
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Where can I buy one?
TrevScofield :)
Put on a real buckle, increase thickness and you'd sell a mint. In fact, throw on a buckle and I'll order one this weekend. I'd price $40-75 depending on materials. Offer brushed steel, polished steel, pvc black, to start. Ignore anyone saying "no one buys leather straps". Check out the watch blogs like Hodinkee and AWTB, there are guys who quit their day jobs to sell watch straps.
I like the cut of your jib, sir! That's the kind of feedback I live for. And can already tell you that such a design can be put into production almost readily. What do you like most about the current design? Thanks!
This is cute, but every leather watch strap I have ever owned over the last 20 years has stretched out like crazy. Not really functional at all unless some type of very dimensionally stable material into the sandwich.
In my case they start to smell like rotten eggs long before they stretch. I guess it's a matter of relative sweat production.
Pretty cool concept. im not sure the gauge/ thickness of the leather but it looks pretty thin. and im a professional at breaking things :( maybe if it was thicker and a pin on i would cop.
That's an interesting looking strap. Completely unique and certainly will catch the eyes of people.
Hello Nick,
Congrats for the beautiful design strap! Really Cool! What's is the model of the Seiko watch your using at the pictures?
Really like it.
Seiko SNDA57!
Nick, I gave your strap a review on Wallet-Friendly Watch-Forum. Been enjoying mine for 5 days now.,624449,624449#msg-624449
Wow, thanks for the literature! Your feedback is a tremendous help to me, and find your analysis to be on point. Hope your strap serves you well!