Apr 4, 2017

Mean Gene Leather

I have no bloody idea why one of these belts has not appeared on these pages. They are without a doubt the highest quality most durable gun belt I have ever seen or worn. You just look at the thing and you know it was built like a tank.

I have one of Mean Gene Higdon's belts. The model I have is made from Distressed leather with a brushed stainless Ares buckle. I found this belt after buying one of Gene's Hot Tamale Coin Satchels. The belt is made with a 7-8 ounce inner leather layer, a stiffiner, then another 8-9 ounce leather layer. All this, then stitched in heavy weight saddle thread. I have a rack full of belts ranging from rigger style belts with Cobra and friction buckles, to leather belts designed for the purpose of carrying my firearm, and reload at the least. This belt fills the bill on all counts. The leather eventually conforms to the shape of your body, which equals comfort and stability. FYI, Mean Gene (Higdon) was a saddle maker in Alaska before using his talents in the making of tactical gear. He founded High Speed Gear International (HSGI) which supplied quality gear to military and tactical teams for many years. This belt will undoubtedly be handed down to my grandson, who may even hand it down to his grandson; that is how over-built this belt is! Well done, Gene!