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Best Gaming Keyboard?

Whats your favorite gaming keyboard is it something with a small form factor like only using one hand of the ErgoDox or something giant with macros like a k95 from corsair
AlexPk and kunalkumar

I just use my ErgoDox. I sometimes miss the F-keys but other than that it's a capable gamer.
VE.A or Redscarf probably, or Planck.
I use my fc660c. I don't know that Topre is the best for gaming, but I really like small form factors when I'm doing mouse/keyboard. Doing 1 hand Ergodox is also nice for games that stay in the WASD area.
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Noice. What sticks are you using?
T16000 on the left, and Warthog FSSB R3 on the right. Waiting on a leftie conversion for the Hog so I can go dual hogs :)
corsair k70 with mx red for me.
it's just very reliable (never miss a keystroke) + the volume wheel just works. i don't need any macros, i have never used macros in my whole life.
this actuaally dethroned my ducky shine 4. the ducky is a very solid keyboard, but from time to time my key presses would not register. might have to do with the actuation force of mx browns. also, mx browns are REALLY bad for typing, always a missed key here and there.
Right now, I'm using a K95 RGB. It's my first gaming mech keyboard and decided to go all out. Hindsight I think I would have preferred something without the Macro keys, but I do use them from time to time. Handy to cast signs then switch back to Quen in The Witcher 3.