Jun 20, 2016

[On-Going] Show & Tell: Wrist Check

Welcome to our first Wrist Check thread!
We encourage everybody to post shots of the watch that you've been wearing recently. Listing the brand and model would be helpful to all. As always, feel free to tell us more about your watch!


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Just got this Vintage Zenith in the mail
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I wonder if it wasn't black originally?
It looks like Zenith did do some black dial Sportos around the time this was made
Really, I've got to stop buying Seiko's but I just can't pass them up! The mail man just dropped this little gem off and I just had to share. Seiko SARY085 Cocktail Time Starlight. Really unique dial on this one.

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Agreed, almost like watercolor.
Looks very nice
Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military 39

"This isn't a limited edition watch, but a numbered limited production watch."

Whatever that means. I couldn't resist. It is exclusive to Gnomon and I got serial number 35 to match my age. The bracelet is great, tapers from 20 at the lugs to 16 at the clasp and is supremely comfortable. I haven't had a chance to adjust the bracelet just yet, so swapping for the time being. Canvas or leather?
Swiss ETA2824-2 Automatic Movement, Flush Domed sapphire crystal with anti reflective coating on the inside.
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Vintage, you just have to know which vintage Rolex they're copying. Rolex don't always use mercedes hands, see below 5513 variant made for the Royal Navy in the 70s. It's a dead ringer, even the seconds hand and the circled T above the depth rating, they use 1 instead of T.
Never said they always used Mercedes hands. That is a ringer - and I wasn't familiar with that model Rolex.

I also noted I was well aware of what I was buying, Steinhart absolutely apes Rolex on most of their divers. The Ocean 2 is their first somewhat original design and it's ugly as sin, IMO.

I don't have a Rolex budget and this one will serve me well as an every day beater for years and years to come with an often (unfairly) maligned movement that also can be found in watches 10x what this one cost me.

The little 1 numeral on the face is now going to annoy me, thanks a lot you WIS.
Crazy busy week, had to sneak this in.... Happy Weds to all
I think I have already used just about every superlative I can for that beauty. It just doesn't get better than that right there. I'd pick that over any Rolex in your collection, even though it's cheaper than all of them.
Thanks man..... and yes, it is as a true pleasure to own and wear.
Winter weather advisory here in north central Ohio for me and the Blue Lagoon Samurai.

Be safe everyone who's expecting inclement weather.

At the risk of being redundant, another day with the Evant bronze diver on the wrist. Today I thought I would post a picture from farther away to show how the dial and large index markers look from a distance. That's a 41mm watch on an 8" wrist.
Halios Seaforth on a jubilee from Hadley Roma

Late lunchtime lume
Raymond Weil Freelancer. Looking to expand my collection soon with a diver.
Really great watch you have there. I have three RW quartz watches and the quality is outstanding. If mine were autos they would get more wrist love. I can honestly put their build quality up against any watch I've owned or even tried on.
Newest arrival and another step down the roads less travelled. An Omega 2521.81. Sometimes referred to as an X-33 precursor.

That’s pretry cool looking