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GMK Aero (GB live now!)

The inspiration comes from the Vista system's first Aero effect theme, deep cyan combined with light cyan color, also with some yellow and orange light, the color combination is my type.
I changed the name to Aero instead of Vista. Windows is going to sigh Vista death today (April,11th), no more support for Vista system from now, so sad! That's really end.
GB address: https://en.zfrontier.com/products/gmk-aero

GMK formal render!

MikeMD, DizzyD, and 21 others

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Can't wait for this set!
Looks good!
Some renders updated!
lol good timing on the name change: http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/april-11th-microsoft-ends-windows-vista-support.html
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Maybe consider changing the R-Enter from Vista To Aero to maintain support for the set ;)
I will revise that "Vista" enter key later...hahaha...
IMHO the set is nice, the "VISTA" (enter) font is quite bad tho and it's way too thick, same for the esc.
For the name, I prefer "aero" instead of "Vista".
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Pretty much this. I think OP wanted to represent the beginning of the new windows aesthetic style. I like it however, colours are cool
Yes, I changed the name to Aero.
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