Apr 11, 2017

Big Date Watches

Is anyone out there having trouble seeing the date on most watches? I am (a result of advancing age I suppose). I would love to see some watches in Massdrop with Big Date. Let me know if you agree.
FewLurston and StainlessOnly

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I can't see near or far so I always have to wear bifocals. It is a non-issue to me.
I do have a Longines Master Collection big-date and I would be just as happy if it had no date feature. I do know that the inexpensive big-date quartz watches do not roll over to "01" after "31", they just keep counting up to "39" and have to be reset for the first every month. My Longines does not work that way, thank-goodness.
I've a tendency to agree with you, but I don't find it to terribly problematic (yet) If however, you looking for a bigger day/date, here's a lovely ChWard: https://www.christopherward.com/events/half-price/c9-big-day-date-7
Plus us they are having a spring sale, 50% off several models!
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