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What if there is a Massdrop community for bikes?

In my experience, good bicycles are a very active niche market akin to headphones and keyboards. People try out new components, accessories, apparel and even new bikes constantly. And it's a market where tons of new innovations come out every year. There are a lot of competitor shopping websites but Massdrop should consider its edge.

Post your bike if you'd like to support the idea.
And join the vote here: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/New-Communities-Poll-1
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I think one of the main issues is cycling community itself, is pretty diverse and there are so many branches .....I don't think could be realistic ask speci items that could fit the all community
off course, the vanmoof electrified S should be on the list
I have a 2016 Intense Recluse basic build. My first carbon bike, and my first 27.5 w/boost. I'm coming from a 2012 Yeti SB-66 with real nice Syntace wheels. I transferred my xtr brakes over but the rest is still low budget stock so I'll need some good deals on parts. I can't believe how much I like and miss carbon bars now that I'm using the house brand aluminum bars.
This has been coming up for a long time and while I've never seen anything to indicate that they are interested in starting a new community, I have been seeing bike related items showing up in drops periodically which is a good sign.
We must keep supporting those drops when they happen if they're ever going to start a community for them.
Yeah it would be great to have a bike (cycling) section. Some things that come to mind are good bike lights, comfy seats, better handlebars and pedals. Those are the things I replace on any new bike, typically.
+1 - I thought they had mentioned the possibility of a biking community some times ago?
Would love to see it added though
Post your bike here if you'd like to support the idea :D
this bike looks Great
Biking should never be mixed or confused with motorcycling. Like healthy Water and Polluting Oil ;-) 10 Thumbs up for a biking community.
Do you actually ride a bicycle? I mean. I ride about 75 miles per week on my bicycle, I follow the laws of the road including offering hand signals and keeping to my lane... I have been punched on my back by some guys passing me in a van sending me down an embankment, have been run off the road by a semi, and have been nearly head-on'ed by a motorist texting while driving who ran left of center straight at me. Are you folks with heavy vehicles ,(who OFTEN drive distracted), saying that bicyclists are dangerous to you? I seldom see a cyclist doing a lot of texting, but I see boodles of that going on with automobile drivers. I see the texting and inebriated automobilers, and the motorcycle crowd,(helmets or not, inebriated or not),REALLY frequently in the E.R. where I practice, about 150 for every one bicyclist. Have yet to see victims of a 20 bicycle pile-up on the freeway....
Motorized operator permits need to be tougher to acquire, I'm now thinking. ;)
yes, would like to see a bicycling gear section, but I'd be okay if it got added to Outdoors...if only to keep us properly segregated from the motorbike and automobile folks, because, clearly, we are lesser beings in some way.

cool. as long as that's workin' for ya.
I've been thinking for a while that I'm surprised Massdrop has never ventured into the bike market. In a world of niche interests, I personally know a crap ton of people who are ultra passionate about road/MTB biking. It's not a stretch at all considering they already have Outdoor and Ultralight sections. I would be all over a cycling community!
I am pushing a motorcycle community, maybe we could do a "2-wheel" community if they wont do either. It seems like bikes and motorcycles are RIPE for a community. Tons of things to buy after your initial purchase and we could get some good deals.
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I’ve explained this so many times I think it is beyond your grasp. There are many more universal or general parts for motorcycles than for cars. I own a Mercedes, ford parts don’t work. I also own a Yamaha that will take aftermarket Harley parts. You obviously don’t own or know anything about motorcycles so I really don’t know how else to relate this to you.
Dont worry about cars or bicycles in this conversation.
bicycle bicycle bicycle!
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