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Seiko Presage Chronograph

I think these are really stellar watches. In house 8R48 movement, and the piece de resistance, an enamel dial with hand pained numerals. Really a work of art in its own right
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These are some very nice, well made, fine pieces made by Seiko. Such beautiful watches for the money ! Bring one of these to Massdrop with a decent discount and Ill buy one for sure !
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Hard to tell. Amazon has a range from $230 to over $1000, with most in the $600-$700 range with ostensibly the same movement features as this photo. Amazon's product details do not mention the type of movement featured on the watches there.
Retail for this watch with the fired enamel dial is approx $2800usd. This is the model SRQ023J1
Seiko has two boutiques on the east coast (NYC and Miami). If those aren't feasible, Arizona Fine Time is taking pre-orders, just FYI
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