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Sennheiser IE80 giveaway April 30th ! ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT !

Only 18 days left until the giveaway. make sure you subscribe and like us on facebook !
this is a great chance to win a giveaway with high probability when we don't have many subs !
website: soulsikreviews.com
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8GZMXiVDTWk8U5PnOmJcw
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Soulsikreviews-242981716166695

Tom Godwin, Vipin Singh, and 134 others

Liked + subbed! :)
Maybe this time.
Well I followed every link and subscribed and followed and liked everything I found. So here's hoping I win. I've never won anything like this in my life. Maybe this will be the first! (๐Ÿคž)
Careful. My order never arrived and they never answered when I emailed them.If you want to feel ignored give over your cash and tell them you didnt get your order!
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okay thats very unfortunate but why are you commenting about your complaint om this thread?
we are not massdrop lol
Done!ย  Here is hoping
followed, liked and subed now lets hope
Subscribed, liked and followed :) *crosses fingers*
Did the things!
Followed, liked and subscribed
Liked, followed, and subscribed!
Subbed and followed
Liked, subscribed, and followed.
Liked and followed, good luck everyone--
LIKED SUBBED AND FOLLOWED. :) Odds look good? Fingers crossed.
Liked subed and followed.
Liked, Subbed. done
liked, subbed and followed. peace :)
done and done :)
Done Guyz ;) I hope you do well in the future. Such shame I wasnt aware of your channel
Liked, Subbed and Followed :)
liked, followed and subbed. Thank you so much :)))
Liked,followed,subbed. Thanks.
Liked, subbed, followed.
Done and done. I would LOVE to have them BTW.
done both, I love these earbuds and they are Linus from Linus tech tips daily drivers,
Done, thanks!