Apr 17, 2017

DAC/AMP recommendation

Hi All,
I need recommendation for DAC/AMP/Combo that meets the following requirements.
1) Able to drive some ~$300 headphones (not sure what to get yet but looking into this price point) and JBL LSR305 speakers.
2) Digital input should include both TOSLINK and USB because I will attach my desktop and laptop to it. Need to be able to switch between the two sources.
3) Need volume knob.
4) Hopefully under $200 total. The only alternative I know of is the Schiit Uber Stack but that is $300.
5) Good sound quality of course.

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The JBLs are powered so you really just need a line level output from the DAC.

I can't recommend anything for sub $200 with all of the options you're looking for from personal experience but they do exist. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/xduoo-ta-01-dac-amp for example.
I am thinking of something like the topping 30 stack.
You want a single amp unit to run headphone and speakers?
Yes. Not at the same time but being able to switch between the speaker and headphone output is important. I am looking at active speakers so I don't really need a powerful AMP to power it.
If you are going to get active speakers than all it needs is a pre amp function. if not then you could use the headphone headphone jack to dual RCA adapter instead. But if you are want to power non active speakers and headphones, there are not many amps that do that.
Get a headphone first, then ask again. You may not need one.
I understand where you are coming from on this. However, the speaker, a headphone, two input sources and volume knob is certain.
I don't think you understand. You should have a headphone first so you know what you will need. It would also help us give you a recommendation.
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