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I need a new headset recommendation

I am thinking of upgrading my setup, but I don't know what headset I should get! What headset should I get? I will take any recommendation from anyone.

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HyperX cloud core they are $60 really comfortable and I love em
The Philips X2HR has an amazing directional soundstage and ridiculous sub bass and bass extension while still being quite detailed in the mids and treble. It has a removable cord so adding a mic should be pretty simple.
Excelvan Bluetooth Foldable Headphone. I would recommend this headset for its 40mm heavy bass and simple appearance, and good value for money.
For something that will last a long time, I'd go with Sennheiser HD598 headphones and a Modmic. Excellent headphones and excellent microphone. A little pricey at a total of about $400.
HyperX Cloud 2 - they are a great overall sounding headphone with a great mic. I would recommend checking them out.
idk much about headsets honestly but my razer just died after ~6 mos and the ear pads on my skullcandy headset split open after ~3 yrs causing the foam to start coming out and my friend couldn't hear me on that one well any more so.. not those?
Sennheiser PC37x. Assuming you are ok with wired these are the best of both sound quality output and input (mic). I've tested tons of headsets including using a modmic and these are by far better. Doing a comparative with people on the other side of Discord and Skype/VOIP calls and all felt the Sennheiser mic soundsed far better than all the others and it's noise cancellation was superb.

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Fair enough, though if I’m being honest MY sound quality is paramount even in a headset. So long as the mic is clear enough for people on the other end to hear my voice; I could kind of care less what people on the other end hear.

If you’re looking for audio clarity you’d be best served by a dedicated external unit as they can incorpo much more advanced noise cleanup in a larger unit.

My current (laughable) solution is actually a hd350x with the mic open on my desk and output from my fostex or whatever cans I’m using that day. Kind of the blue snowball of what I had in my closet.
Oh I'm pretty aware of what is required for sound quality... ;D

If I really wanted to improve quality overall I'd use my HD650s connected to my Magni and my Blue Yeti for my mic. But I prefer true real surround so my game room has a Klipsch 7.1 speaker arrangement tied to a Denon AVR-x3400h. The livingroom/hometheater gets the 6400h. :)
I would purchase the hyperx cloud 2- it's a great overall headset with a great mic, and superb sound quality with little bass and 7.1 surround sound for gaming.
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What do you mean? It’s a good quality gaming headset for 100$, and you get some cool features.
Oooo, gaming headset.
OK, I will do us both a favor and keep it cool.
I went on a knowledge and thought journey to realize the amount of bullcrap behind the "gaming headset" idea.
Ill just give you this link for your Hypers:
But you can watch whole video...
Don't buy gaming headphones. Buy regular headphones, ones you like, and attach a ModMic or MiniMic to it. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-mini-mic
The best advice here. A modmic and the Sennheiser HD-6XX are an excellent combination.
the new hyper x cloud flights. One of the best wireless gaming headphones
Absolutely love my hyper X cloud revolvers. They sound incredibly good for the price. The fit and finish is very nice also. Very comfortable.
I recommend the Logitech G231 Prodigy series!! I have a big head and other headsets come built with plastic extenders, as you know will quickly break if you got a decently large head. The G231 series headsets come with brushed metal extenders so they will not break nearly as easily. They have fabric ear cushioning that comfortably fit around your ear so there is no compression or irritation. They also have a threaded cord to help prevent damage from being cut, extensive rubbing, and bending over the time of use. I would prefer these gaming headsets over any other kind out there.
i just got a pair of the G230 and I really like them so far
Ive tested alot of headsets and i have to say that the Asus ROG Centurion has earned its place at the top, you can literally make it sound however you want it to sound, i mean you can make it sound like a Logitech G933 or a Hyper X 2 or for music you can make it sound like a B&O H8 (Which i do own and can honestly say it gets extremly close) And the 7.1 for gaming i mean holy shit its good.
If you're looking for a gaming headset then then Sennheiser gsp 300 series or the gsp 350 if you want a removable cable and surround sound. But if your looking for just headphones then the Audiotechinca M40X are the way to go.