Apr 19, 2017

I need a new headset recommendation

I am thinking of upgrading my setup, but I don't know what headset I should get! What headset should I get? I will take any recommendation from anyone.

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I recommend the Logitech G231 Prodigy series!! I have a big head and other headsets come built with plastic extenders, as you know will quickly break if you got a decently large head. The G231 series headsets come with brushed metal extenders so they will not break nearly as easily. They have fabric ear cushioning that comfortably fit around your ear so there is no compression or irritation. They also have a threaded cord to help prevent damage from being cut, extensive rubbing, and bending over the time of use. I would prefer these gaming headsets over any other kind out there.
Ive tested alot of headsets and i have to say that the Asus ROG Centurion has earned its place at the top, you can literally make it sound however you want it to sound, i mean you can make it sound like a Logitech G933 or a Hyper X 2 or for music you can make it sound like a B&O H8 (Which i do own and can honestly say it gets extremly close) And the 7.1 for gaming i mean holy shit its good.
If you're looking for a gaming headset then then Sennheiser gsp 300 series or the gsp 350 if you want a removable cable and surround sound. But if your looking for just headphones then the Audiotechinca M50X are the way to go.
Curious, what did you end up picking?
for around 60 bucks theres the Audiotechinca M20x headphones, otherwise M50x all the way.
Akg k701, or k702, or k7xx with antlion mod mic, objective o2 amp, and 2013 astro mixamp. Cream of the crop for gaming or video/music editing.
Loving my new k7xx's I got last week. I'd bought HD650's before that and didn't like them, they weren't comfortable to me but the k7xx's are extremely comfortable and adjustable. You can buy a modmic to make it a "headset".
I think these came down to $119 last drop. Worth every penny!!!
Pro tip : don't buy a gaming headset, they're trash. Buy audiophile headphones, better sound quality that will make your gameplay much more enjoyable
Mostly true, but there are exceptions. for example, the Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser headsets are based off of Audiophile headphones. I used AKG K712 and K612 for three years each, and the K612 was one of the strongest values I’ve seen... until the PC37X came along.

Check out the reviews of the Sennheiser PC37X before writing it off. $20 cheaper than the AKG, mic included, more “standard” ergonomics and reliably pretty comfortable, based off of the HD 500 series drivers but with its own tuning.
Like led? Go steelseries. Just don't buy the wireless one
Don't even worry about buying a headset, they are garbage. Go straight for a pair of decent headphones.

Take that headset, add a mic, make it black and add a little more sub-bass and sense of soundstage, and you get the https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-sennheiser-pc37x-gaming-headset
I think is the HyperX Cloude Alpha
10 times better: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/sennheiser-hd-579-headphones
Take both of your recommendations, combine them, make it $120, and you get:
I use Logitech's G430 headset. Very affordable and good quality, imo
In terms of a gaming headset nothing beats the hyperx clouds imo. I've had a pair of the original ones for about 2 or 3 years now and they still work great. I like how the mic is detachable, so if you need to you could use them as just headphones, although they are a bit bulky for taking out of the house if you ask me. They're also within your $100 budget.
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Slap an XTY operator mic on it with a vel cro dot. Still better than gayman headset mics.
Ok, $120:

Made by a company that has been all-sound since the 1940’s.