Apr 21, 2017

Suggestions: Over-ear BT/Wireless Headphones

Is it the opinion of most Audio-philes that BT/Wireless Over-ears tend to be overpriced in comparison to quality of build/sound. Sound is obviously more important there however I'm new to the lower-end of the high tier "Hi-Fi" headphones, and I'm in the market for a pair of BT/Wireless Over-ears. I've found that the Bose QT series is very popular and similarly priced to a pair of Sony's and Sennheisers. There are alot of reviewers on YT on the trio, however I'd like to get the run-down from this community, since I think there are far more knowledgeable people here.


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I've been debating the PXC550 vs. MDR100X vs Audio-Technicas new BT Headphones... never took much to the Bose sound, ergonomics or aesthetics. If ANC is your primary aim the Bose are still king of the heap as far as I'm concerned. With LDAC coming in future Android versions I am leaning towards the Sony.
Bluetooth with AptX gets you slightly above 320kbps mp3 quality
Bluetooth with AptX HD (very limited options here but my V20 has it and the new Audio-Technicas do as well) gets you roughly CD quality or a little lower
Bluetooth with LDAC is claiming high res capability and can certainly produce CD quality sound.
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These AT's you're referring to are the DSR9BT? Or DSR7BT? In regards to sound taste, I find it hard to get the opportunity to try out the higher end headphones since I think that's the best way to make a decision, but Im unsure as to what my preferences are exactly . I prefer a good range centered around neutral, with no, as you put it, aggressive highs or lows. You wouldn't happened to have heard anything regarding soundstage on then have you?
Yep and both models are AptX HD as far as am I aware. They are currently limited in supply and as such are going above MSRP stateside. All of these headphones from what I've read have a bit of extra bass but that tends to help in noisy environments. By aggressive I mean a slight rise in the 1-3khz range. This is typically the point where people get "up front" aka rise in this region vs. "laid back" aka a dip or downward slope. The response varies a bit in different modes:


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