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[On-Going] Show & Tell: Ultralight Gear List Photos

It's a great exercise to make a gear list, whether it's online, in a spreadsheet, or with pen and paper. But those lists don't translate well visually - I much prefer to see your gear, not read about it. So show me your gear!
Next time you go camping, I want you to take a picture of everything before you pack it up. Share it here. Add some details. And we ask for constructive advice on what to bring, and what to leave at home. After the trip, I'd love to hear how your kit performed and what you'd change next time. This process of sharing and critiquing will make us all smarter backpackers.

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Here's the sleep system I used this winter. I wouldn't recommend it much past -5C, but I was fine with that low temp.

You may have to download this image and blow it up in order to read the text descriptions. This is my pack for a 3 day summer weekend.
My Midwest 3-day gear setup, base weight @ 6.15lbs.
BIG THREE | 55.3 oz | 3.4lbs. * Marmot Kompressor 20L Backpack * Sea to Summit UltraLight Insulated Sleeping Pad * Sea to Summit Spark Sp II Sleeping Bag * ZPacks Cuben Tarp (10 x 8.5)
Labeled Gear:
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I actually made my own windscreen to specifically fit the Toaks 550ml mug from a thin piece of titanium. I use this windscreen with the gas canister stove during windy conditions. I know many have voiced safety issues about using a screen with a gas stove, but I never turn it up on high. It actually helps dramatically when conditions are very windy or I'm on a ridgeline. The design would also work with an esbit or short alcohol stove, such as a Solo or Trangia.
Details here: http://imgur.com/a/jFZcR
Pretty impressive. I’ve used that pack as a daysack before. Care to expound on your 3 day food list and stove setup?
Here is what was in my backpack on one of my last hikes last season before winter hit. Had a BPW of 1705 grams (3.76 lb)

Full gear list is at: https://lighterpack.com/r/gbzu21
Nice kit! The cold, wet PNW winter has me thinking about summer and shaving some gear weight. Unfortunately, I can't safely backpack in the high country here without at least a torso-length sleeping pad (if sleeping on the ground with a quilt), and bear canister requirements are crippling when trying to stay ultralight! Maybe DannyMilks can get Ursack on Massdrop (and convince the NPS they're legit)!
Yeah it has been raining like mad down here in the Redwoods over the winter season. I was at least prepared for rain on that trip, thankfully it did not. I hear you on the sleeping pad, it is getting harder and harder on my body each season to go out without a neoair. i hear you on the bear canisters. i just try to stay away from those areas. And, yeah, the NPS/SP needs to get their head out of their *** and approve the Ursack AllWhite nation wide.
Here is most of my gear, minus a few things in the laundry or that I forgot to get out of a closet (quick dry pants, UL equinox full length poncho, socks, t-shirt).
As I noted in another post, a fair amount of this was acquired under varying circumstances, so probably not an ideal setup, and I do not know all the weights, but it meets my needs for the most part.
From back left to right front: -REI Quarter Dome UL tent -Jansport Big Bear 82 backpack -3/4-length ridge rest sleeping pad -Keen waterproof boots (comfy, and are also my regular around town shoes in the winter) -1 L bottle (came with steripen) and 1 L Playpus bottle -Kovea Supalite stove and fuel -Stoic 750 mL pot -Gerber 450 knife (on top of pot) -Steripen water purifier -Toothbrush -GSI insulated mug (fits inside pot perfectly) and Vargo spork -Bag of food -Alpaca sweater
“Essentials bag”: cord for hanging food bag, Commonly used first aid items, fire starter, polar pure iodine water purifier, wool hat, emergency blanket, handkerchief, Suunto MC-2 compass, bag with pen + white duct tape, emergency contact/medical information, thermometer, small watch, Princeton tec headlamp
-Long-brim hat -Garbage compactor bag (aka, waterproof backpack liner) -Mini expedition, homemade first aid kit in dry bag -Mountain hardware Lyell sleeping bag, with stuff sack (yes, it is huge, I know).
Thanks for sharing @Rinji
Thanks @DannyMilks. I thought I would come back to this post, although I haven't had time to lay out or weigh all my gear again. Since this picture, I have been using a smaller pack more (a Mountainsmith PCT 45) and sharing the sleeping bag, i.e. using it as a quilt. It is still huge, but at least virutually cuts the weight in half by helping two people stay warm. Also went to a Klymit air pad I bought here on Massdrop, which is very comfortable compared to the foam.
Aww, man. My bag is currently mid transit (being traded for another). I really want to revisit this discussion at a later point. Patience is a virtue, I suppose.
Oh yeah, my Kupilka. Great for hot chocolate, oatmeal, single malt, even water!
I'll get this kick started. Here's most of my gear for my trip this weekend:

I'm guiding a group up Mount Shasta. It's a three-day trip, all on snow except for the first two miles. Temps will range from below freezing to high 70s. We start our summit bid at 2am, and we walk slowly, so I need warmer gear than if I was doing this trip by myself. I also need more safety gear as a guide. Not shown are my food and kitchen setup, which are provided by my guide company.
Here are a few of the key items: -Mountainsmith Mountainlite Specter LT pack (4500 cu in, 68 oz) -Massdrop Custom 20' Down Quilt (20 oz) -Massdrop x Klymit UL Insulated Static V Pad (16.9 oz) and pillow (1.7 oz) -Black Diamond HiLight (49 oz) -Modified Adventure Medical Kits UL/WT Pro -Rab clothing: Endurance Parka, Xenon Hoody, Meco Hoody, Sawtooth Pants
I know I could go lighter with:
-Switching out my boots from Scarpa Summit to Scarpa ZeroG XCR -Buying a lighter BD helmet and harness -Buying a lighter, simpler mid-layer than the Rab Xenon, possibly hoodless and with fewer pockets
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I had ULA build me a custom CDT with no hip belt, or pole/ice axe attachments. It's large and weighs 16.something ounces. Love the S shoulder straps.
That's very interesting. I might have to look into one. Drawstring packs are hard to come by. Thanks for the reply!