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Shipping to Australia

Will Massdrop continue to ship to Australia from July 1, 2017 when the Australian government introduces changes to all imports that require companies to collect GST on behalf of the Australian government and forward all funds to the Australian Taxation Office? Or will Australians be Geoblocked as other companies have indicated?

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Theres got to be someone that has received something after 1st July 2018 that can confirm if they got hit with customs?

What I've heard (take it with a grain of salt)
The AU government does not have the power to make all and every single international ecommerce to charge an additional 10% to customers just because. (unless you buy from Aliexpress)
Once the product arrives to customs in Australia, they can't retain the product if the GST hasn't been paid. Otherwise, there will be in the order of thousands or products retained on a daily basis, there is simply not the man power or money to handle that (counter productive)
The 10% GST is another of those "clever" ideas from the ATO that shows clear desperation to get even more money out from your pocket
My bet goes that this "clever" idea won't work in the long term.

This alone is simple math.
Makes me wonder, what kind of people are that clever (or not) to come up with such an stupid idea.

What will happen is that unless all ecommerces increase 10% their prices to AU customers, none of them will do it. No one will simply want to have its product 10% more expensive than the e-retailer one click away that decided not to increase it.

End result: nobody will do it.
Thanks, yes I agree with what you said. Terrible idea in all honesty.
So is this happening or not ?
I ordered several things from Massdrop months before July the 1st, and it will take until the end of this year to get them delivered. I am worried I get my products retained by Customs and have to pay even more money.
They probably aren't collecting anything. You'll find out when you order. If there's an extra charge you'll get your answer.
Tell those bureaucrats to go get fucked.

There's no need to pay GST on import for under $1k. The whole reason they put it on the retailers is because it cost more money to collect those GST than what they make out of it. So if a retailer ship stuff under $1k and the GST is not paid, then what? Anything they do at that point waste money.

If they stop items under $1k, a shit show will immediately be staged on social media and their election will fucking burn.
Only four weeks to go. I suppose we will know then.
Pure speculation:
Worst come to worst, you'll have to pick it up from Customs and pay GST then.
(Could be a real pain if you don't live close to a Customs Office, otherwise you could think of it as a secure postal service. lol)
The legislation has not been passed and may never be passed. Why should Mass Drop respond when there is no such law and may never be? In any case why should an overseas company become a tax collector for the Australian Government? If the Australian Government wishes to introduce this Tax then they should collect it themselves. I live in Australia BTW
I believe the new legislation will be effective from July 1, 2018.
SO hopefully there will be a response by then
1 July this year is the time for this.
Anyone ever gonna answer this question???
I would also like to know. I live in Australia.
Try this link:
clear as mud
I'm not in Australia, but I would be interested in hearing Massdrop's response to this. Massdrop strives to be a community, not just a retailer, and I would hate to see a portion of the community cut off like this.
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