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Lend a hand?

Loving the idea of this knitting community. It seems awful quiet though (as far as drops go, I mean). Is there anything we as members can help to get the ball rolling on amazing yarns, notions, patterns, kits, etc.?

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How about some pattern packs. Ex. Blanket/afghan pack-shawl pack-sweater packs?
I would love to see Harrisville Yarns on here... In ball and the larger cone size. https://harrisville.com/
Has anyone posted this to Ravelry or any knitting Facebook groups?
I know nothing about knitting. I'm just here for gifts for my girlfriend. I'm just glad we aren't carrying acrylic yarn anymore because she doesn't like acrylic.
Possibly because she wants to enjoy knitting instead of feeling like she has to fight with it every step of the way :)
How about some extra-special knitting tools like those available from Coco Knits? http://store.cocoknits.com/tools
I’ve had my eye on their leather stitch holder kit for awhile now but can’t yet justify the price - a discount would totally put me over the edge!
I added a poll today with some stuff from Coco - stitch markers
I love the idea of the knitting community, but I have not seen anything that piqued my interest. Can you include some weaving items?
I would love some Brooklyn Tweed stuff to go up. It's so difficulty to find outside the US.
I'd love to see some Turkish spindles in Massdrop. They're not exactly knitting accessories, but related!!
I always look at the knitting community. Just haven't seen what interested me yet. I tend to buy cheap yarn for quick & easy gift items (baby blankets- because these young moms don't use care washing things). I don't need beginner items & if I need something I'm not patient enough to wait for it. Same with nicer yarns. I like to support my local shops, where I can also see colors and feel the yarns. I was interested in the wooden yarn bowl, but it seemed small. I'll continue to check in.
HI smachable!

Yes, please let me know what items and brands you would like to see on Massdrop. Thanks!
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I'd like to see the SUPER DUPER HUGE CHUNKY yarn for a great price! I would like to make fast rugs or throws with this (unfortunately, pretty expensive) yarn.
Alpaca yarn, chunky blanket yarn, maybe some yarn bowls. I second Miss Babs, I love her yarn to death!

Yarn bowl^^? I've wanted one for a while but the nice ones are super expensive and the cheap ones(at least the ones I've found) just seem so... sad.
Funny, I've been having this discussion with my wife. We have had good success buying cheap wooden bowls at thrift shops (cheap price, not quality) and cutting into them with a coping saw.
Hi - any interest in a ball winder drop? Specifically interested in Stanwood brand.
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Strauch or Nancy's knit knacks ball winder, yes! Stanwood-no! i would not participate ina Swift/ball winder combo drop because I already have the perfect skein winder/swift for me.
Yes, I would love a ball winder drop! Mine is barely holding on.
I knit as well as crochet, and I love the idea of KAL similar to CAL that have multiple color packs.. Also, although I prefer higher end yarns, I like the idea of some "cheaper" or less expensive yarns being available as well because we all know how expensive projects can become, I worry only high end will price out certain crafters. Either way, I am glad to see the yarn community here!!!