Apr 29, 2017

Breitling Watch Co. Sold

Some of you probably read this already. I hope it's good for the company, as I harbor a deep love and respect for some of their pieces, with particular affinity for the SuperOcean line and vintage Chronos.
Cheers all

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i wish i could afford an aviator..........some darn beautiful watches.

This might sound silly but I'm new to this community & watches in general so please forgive my ignorance.

Why is breitling's independance a big deal? (or is it?)
I understand that they are one of the last ones but would the acquisition from a bigger group necessarily make them bad?
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Very good explanation, thank you!
Just to add to Stainless's answer: there are examples of bad watch brand sales. Invicta is the most glaring example, and now that Invicta has bought up Glycine there are signs that they will take a similar bad design and poor CS path. I for one am relieved Breitling did not wind up in that organization.
Who's CVC and what expertise will they bring to the brand?
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I'm surprised it wasn't scooped up by one of the big 3 (Swatch, LVMH or Richemont). I guess these so called independent watch companies are getting rarer and rarer.
Or Invicta 😬
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