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New Infinity ErgoDox Top Plates coming soon!

Here at Input Club we've been working on a few things. One of which is aluminum top plates for the Infinity ErgoDox! Here is a sneak peek:

Flames92, hallowpeno, and 20 others

Green, it needs to have a green option. just think of the planet.
Any possibility of aditional colors other than those pictured?
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Apple's "Space Gray" would be great.
Hey, yeah! That would be a nice neutral color!
Make one that matches the Yuri GMK color schemes and you have yourself a sale.
Need purple
I second that emotion ! ( breaks off into choreographed shuffle)
So excited! Thank you.
To all those who are interested, the drop is up in case you missed it! https://www.massdrop.com/buy/anodized-aluminum-infinity-ergodox-top-plate
Oh wow, I can't wait to pick these up for the ErgoDox I've got coming.
It would be nice to have an option for illuminated mechanical keys.
Looks great! btw, if I need a replacement acrylic case, do I want the revision A or B dxf files for the Infinity ErgoDox from the January 2016 drop? (clumsily knocked it off my workbench while I was assembling it, shattering the corner...thankfully I have a laser cutter though!)
@Bakamoichigei Use the rev b.
STOP! At least let me get the dang board before you release more stuff for it!
Damn those do look really amazing.
Any chance of an anodized green or purple? Would go great with my Troubled Minds set :)
Never mind, I should have read closer.
They look good. Do want. :)
Sorry for the delay, but I got some pics for you. The red might be my favorite and it looks amazing with Jukebox. If the Ergo kit already existed that would be the choice for red. I like how the plate functions because it doesn't replace anything which means you can sort it wherever you like. On the top it gives it a nice matte finish while being under the acrylic gives it a nice glossy look.



I've only done black so far and with camera phone so forgive the tater pic. Will get some nice ones when I have my camera
are you guys thinking of doing an all metal case?
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Will that case be layered, or one CNC'd piece?
most likely billet and cnc.
Just got these in the office. They look amazing. Gotta build out some boards to show them off.