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What do you want most in the Campfire Audio IME?

Do you want campfire audio ime?
I want it very much.
If you too,
Please vote for what you want best with campfire audio ime.
Waiting for your vote.

Campfire Audio Homepage

Campfire Audio Homepage

Campfire Audio Homepage

Voting options
 ・ Campfire Audio - Balanced Armature Driver Unit IMEs-ORION/NOVA/JUPITER/ANDROMEDA
 ・ Campfire Audio - High End Balanced Armature Driver Unit IMEs-JUPITER /ANDROMEDA
 ・ Campfire Audio - Dynamic Driver Unit IMEs - LYRA II/VEGA
 ・ Campfire Audio - ORION CK
 ・ Campfire Audio - NOVA CK
 ・ Campfire Audio - JUPITER CK
 ・ Campfire Audio - ANDROMEDA
 ・ Campfire Audio - LYRA II
 ・ Campfire Audio - VEGA
 ・ Campfire Audio - DORADO - Hybrid Driver Unit


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I'd love to see an Andromeda drop, but paired with a discontinued or less expensive model. There might be MD members who don't have the money for the Andromedas but still want to participate in a CA drop. When it comes to Ken's audio inspirations, the cables often play a big part, and whatever else CA offers will feature his stellar cables and aesthetics. People with smaller budgets should get to experience that.
There are lots of attractive drops, but I wait for Campfire Audio drop!

Well, if possible, I'd love to have some andromedas. I've got a decent mid-fi IEM already and I want to reach the summit with it, and then start focusing on desktop listening setups.
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