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Fidget Spinner Knife

Hey James here. I'm a knife maker in Northern California. I made this fidget spinner knife (, let me know what you guys think!



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Forget/erase my 39th "Like" designation of this knife? It doesn't look safe to me? I want an all black & an all purple ez open & Close Ceramic knives?
That sounds painful.
I don't like crapping on any work that hasn't earned it, but I'm going to say that this is a flat out bad idea. I know of at least two people that are very well respected and experienced with knives that have been seriously injured by similar products. One has permanent nerve damage in his thumb, the other has a nice big scar across the side of his palm. I would recommend trying a different design perhaps, maybe an ultracompact folder in a similar vein of the Spyderco Dragonfly. Again, I don't want to discourage you, but the overall concept is a very bad idea
Give me ceramic bearings and s35 and you can double the price. I would buy one right now.
Better have a raging good detent
I want one email me
weight balance is critical to a knife and to a spinner, these two things can't go together.
Any discount for one with no spinner?
Any chance with Carbon Fiber Scales and how would I gather ordering information. Very Nice Work!
already seen on a chinese store...
Spinners will be forbiden soon en France...
I'm willing to bet someone tries to spin it with the blade open
If you sell any of these, make sure to include the warning label, "Close knife blade before using as a fidget spinner." And get a good attorney, because you know the gene pool rejects are going to....
juz de egdiness i wont
because Humanity
My gf hates with when I spin and flip my Spydercos around, but she doesn't mind fidget spinners. Therefore I should be ok to spin this knife around the house.
Seriously though, this looks pretty cool. I'm a sucker for US based knife makers and this one looks to be import friendly for AU, so might as well order one. :)
Where can I see some of your other work...?
Now that is just downright funny. Love it. 😂 Isn't the original spinning knife the throwing star?
it annoys me that this exists and is so well made
Spinner knife would be my first. I ordered one months ago from James website months ago just to check it out. Waiting on it to ship still.
In terms of stainless steel, id prefer at minimum CPM 154, AEB L or even VG10. Not too excited for AUS 8.
Honestly, I think fidget spinners are stupid. However, I really like the way your blade looks on this, seems well thought out and quality. Kudos and will sign up for some announcements. If this came in an OD green, I'd probably be playing with it right now.
Looks cool wonder about the heat treatment for the blade. What is the hardness target for the blade?
Hey! I'm the creator of Meteorite! Our target is 58 on Rockwell Hardness scale. It's AUS8 steel.
Thanks that seems a good target for AUS8 definitely an interesting item. I prefer to carry w/ a pocket clip or in pocket with lanyard but neither of those would work in this design.
Hows the detent on the blade? Is it possible to make it spin fast enough that if you stop it with you finger the blade flies open? Also is there a drop point style blade in the works?
Hey! It's not possible, we're designing for the exact problem. We are working on a drop point style. Sign up for emails =D I don't spam, only for important product announcements.
Thank you for replying, i think ill keep an eye out for the clip point or drop point version
Looks pretty sweet. Love the blade