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Should we have a Massdrop community for Hunting?

This would include items like; Compound bows, and their accessories such as sights, strings, arrow rests, arrows and arrow tips (Rifles and their accessories?). But other items such as knives , bags, binoculars and rangefinders to name a few!

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Slingshot drops would be awesome!
Yes, yes yes! bring in shooting targets, thermal scopes, tripods, stands...
YES! I would love a hunting community on here.

I'm not interested in rifles - and I don't think that would really work on Massdrop as there are a lot of legal stuff to consider + international buyers on here. But I am definitely all for hunting gear and accessories.
Most definitely! As a hunter I come here for the best deals on backpacking gear for hunting. And lots of other hunters I know do as well. So if you could offer trail cameras or other hunting specific items then they'd definitely sell!
I would follow a Hunting community, as well. I'm not a hunter, but am contemplating starting.
When you say Hunting, do you mean killing animals for fun?
Do you eat meat Ray? Wear leather?
And not a fan of the commercial meat industry either, but I can assure you, the poor bastards who have that particular job, don't derive any pleasure from it.
I would follow
Would follow!
I'd be very interested in this
Do it! Don't cave to pressure from the libturds! Actual firearms would require an FFL, and that would be a lot of headache for massdrop. But, selling parts and accessories that aren't garbage would be awesome!