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Timex vs. Vostok, cheap watch

I'm a teenager who had a nice Breda Rand until it was stolen out of my high school gym locker when I forgot to put the lock on before track practice. I came here to try and find a replacement that I could afford. I'm looking for something that I like around $35, and found two decent options. One is a Vostok komandirskie and the other a Timex
I'm not very sure about either. There are a lot of reviews for the Timex, but some suggest some concerns about the quality, mainly about the crown falling off. On the other hand, I don't know much about Vostok and its quality.
So I'm looking for a little feedback here. Any reviews, warnings or recommendations for a Timex or Vostok? Is there a better option for around $35, or will I need to save and spend more later to get a watch I can trust?
Thanks for the help!
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Besides the low cost of the Vostok Komandirskie, each watch is quality checked prior to leaving the factory. Also, they have a life of ten years without needing any servicing or cleaning since they are completely waterproof. The "wobbly" stem mentioned, is a design for several reasons. One being so the stem will not break if dropped during winding, another so that it can be wound with gloves on. These watches were built to be used in combat, and are as tough as nails, and are accurate straight from the factory, which is checked prior to mailing. For the money, which is little, the Vostok Komandirskie is the best product on the planet.
"best product on the planet".... thanks for the chuckle. Vostok does build a tough as nails watch, no arguement there.
Shoukd share some wrist shots man!
I am somewhat of a watch collector, mainly mechanical watches. I am familiar with Timex as well as Vostoks. Timex is well known as a durable workhorse at a reasonable price. Vostok make a diver's watch at close to $100.00, and also the Komandirskie for less than $50.00. For your situation, a Komandirskie would be a perfect match. The Komandirskie watches were supplied to the Russian military for many years, and are well known for their accuracy, ruggedness, and variety of looks. Although not considered a diver's watch, the komandirskie is waterproof to over 100 ft., and are factory made to withstand shock. My Komandirskie is one of my favorite watches in my collection, although not the most expensive. You can get most Vostok models from, or and even Ebay as well. I purchased my Komandirskie from for $34.90 plus shipping. Both of your choices are very good, but i would highly recommend the Vostok Komandirskie for your situation. They are tough as nails and very accurate. Youtube has many positive reviews on Vostok watches.
Timex are notoriously loud tickers. Unless you have slept with one on and know what you're getting in to, I would avoid them. I have a Casio Duro which is around the same price as a Weekender and has been a much better buy, if you can live with the non-existent lume and have $10 for a nato strap.
I think if you raise your budget a bit Timex has some great pieces. Vostok is a love or hate relationship. Some love Vostok and others don't. Look at Seiko as well. You can find some used seikos at great prices. Seiko 5's.
A note: you're paying slightly more before shipping if you purchase from Meranom. This is the link to the watch from the maker.
Timex are not interesting timepieces, vostok are. I would raise your price a little and check out vostok amphibians, as they have a great quality movement and are probably the most sought after Russian watch there is.
Vostok is garbage. I have had 3 different kinds, including limited special addition ones. All broke down after3-6 months.
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Are you responding from two different accounts? Because it really seems like you're responding from two different accounts.
I have owned many Timex. No problems with them. Great value for money. Plus if there is a problem they are an American brand and will fix it. Vostok they are OK, but would go.Timex every time!
The seiko arrived and I just got it set with a new strap, bond style!
May you enjoy it for years to come.
Well I got the Seiko 5 ordered last night, as well as a replacement bond style NATO strap in memory of Roger Moore. Pictures will be here as soon as it arrives. One more thank you to everyone who contributed, whether you advocated the Seiko or not the mix of suggestions and opinions was way better than I expected. Have a good day everyone!
Congrats Wyatt! Look forward to the pics friend....
I used to get cheap Russian/Soviet watches when I was younger. I ended up replacing them about every two years or so as they failed on me. Then I got a Seiko 5. It's lasted well for the past five years. With the other watches, I'd always have to pay special attention to wind it properly and to take care about dropping or bumping it. I don't have to mind about the Seiko. I've taken quite a severe tumble off my bike with it and I regularly leave it on when shooting. It's a workhorse.
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If you think your tone is polite, you need to get outside some more. You've done this in like nearly every comment. Look what the original post was asking. He was asking about feedback on a $35 Russian watch. I gave him advice about $35 Russian watches. Advice which you agree with. I suggested a $60 Japanese watch because I have experience with it, because it is popular, and because it has a massive secondary market for modding. There doesn't have to be just one correct answer. Like you said, sure, maybe the amphibia is just as good. That's great. So what. It's just as good.
He says he's a teenager looking for a budget watch. Maybe $60 isn't so cheap for him, who knows.
" Key word being "cheap" here. Spend 60+ on a vostok and you will not be replacing them every 2 years. "
^ please explain what is not polite about that that necessitated you degrading the conversation to sarcasm and defensiveness.
If you weren't meaning to compare a 35 dollar russian to a 60 dollar japanese watch then my apologies, the way the post is worded made me assume you were trying to say Russian watches are bad because more expensive japanese watches are better. I agree that either the Seiko 5 or the amphibia would be leagues more reliable than the aforementioned 35 dollar watch.
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Thank you. It's a Vostok Watch Amphibian Classic 150346 with a 22mm nato I got off Amazon.
Thanks for showing it off here. The band suits the watch pretty well, I'll probably grab a nato strap off of amazon myself when I order my watch.
You're comparing apples and oranges. The Breda and Timex are quartz while the vostok is hand wind mechanical (100% completely different animal).
The seiko 5 suggested is an self-winding automatic... (fwiw, the SNK809 is currently on amazon for $55).
Mechanical (hand-wind or automatic) vs quartz is beyond the scope of my reply. But you need to make sure you understand what type of watch you want first, then compare prices.
Regarding Breda... it's a fashion watch, quality to Timex should be comparable at a given price point.
Vostok is a russian brand that has been around forever (I have a couple that are over 40 yrs old). Their watches are fairly sturdy, but have their quirks (infamous crown wobble). Fwiw, I believe your link is to a seller in Russia, so you might be waiting awhile before you get something. Do your research on where you're buying as well.
The Seiko 5 SNKL23 that @StainlessOnly posted are a really good fit for the price but they'll be hard to find and they used to cost as low as $55 if you knew where to look. But now it's higher.
I would go with the Casio Diver someone else mentioned. I'm going to get one myself soon and everyone I've asked who owns one were surprised at the quality for something less than $50. At 200m water resistance and a good bezel, you can't beat that.
If you're interested in a gateway Seiko 5, try the Seiko 5 SNZF17 or the Pepsi version SNZF15 when you have a slightly bigger budget. Cheers mate.
For that price tag I would suggest Casio Diver watch like MDV106 or so. Much riggit than Vostok or Timex. I have Timex Expedition Military Field and its works fine but not even close to be as solid as dive watch.
bummer to read about the watch Wyatt. Do yourself a justice though, save a little more coin and grab a Seiko 5 or a Citizen Eco Drive. Though their is nothing wrong with a Timex, they are not the brand they used to be, sadly. A few peeps around here are Vostok owners, and consider them good watches for the money, but a Seiko or a Citizen will be a step above Timex generally from a feature set angle.
Heres a link for a good primer on the value of a Seiko 5.
Might also be able to find a Victorinox Quartz close to your budget as well, or maybe some of the swatch watches, if you want to try and stay Swiss.
either way friend, whatever you choose should be yours and no one else's. Make sure you post pics man.
happy hunting and cheers!
Thanks for your suggestion. I've been looking into the Seiko 5, as well as other recommendations like swatch and the Casio diver, but the simple military look and functionality of the automatic Seiko speaks to me the most. I'll try and grab one as well as a replacement strap within the month, and you can bet I'll be back with pictures! Thanks everyone that pitched in, I really appreciate it. This is a pretty cool and supportive community, I'll be sure to hang around :D
The Seiko 5 SNK series is definitely a good purchase at a very reasonable price. I've had my creme SNK803 since January, and I adore it to bits. It's quite durable, with very minor scratches on the case that aren't normally visible and not even a smudge on the crystal even though I'm not the most careful watch-wearer. Note that you may want to replace the original strap with something more stylish and/or comfy, so that may add $10-20, but perhaps you'll find it good enough. Here's mine:
I love my SNK805 with the exception of the non-hackable second hand
Timex is not durable as they were supposed to be… some “expedited” watch's backlight could fail when the watch is dropped onto ground.
Speaking as a 50 year old man, I grew up with watches that you had to wind every day to keep running, so I don't think anything of it. However I suspect that Vostok would be your first handwinder, and you don't know what to expect. It does not use electricity to run, but a spring. You must unscrew the crown (and it wobbles quite a bit) to wind it each day to keep running. The date display has no way to advance it quickly, so when you need to advance from April 30th to May 1st, it means you roll the time forward 24 hours. Basically, it's high-maintenance, possibly much more than you would be accustomed to.
The Timex is battery-powered. It has a way to quickly set the calendar date when you need to advance at the end of some months. It has a backlight feature that the Vostok does not (and the glow-in-the-dark material is very weak on that Vostok, speaking from personal experience).
So don't worry about that crown on the Timex. You will only be required to use it about 7 times per year on average. You have to touch the Vostok wobbly crown each and every day you wear it. And the Timex likely will gain only seconds per month, the Vostok will gain seconds per day, perhaps as much as 40 seconds per day and still be operating with manufacturers specs.
Timex seems like a no-brainer with that information, right? Unless you are just plain curious about having old-fashioned technology on your wrist. Nothing wrong with that either.
ps: Very unfortunate you had your nice watch stolen like that. I thought I would share my very specialized collection of Vostoks with a submarine theme. I'm working on getting every dial variation.
Thank you so much! I appreciate the help and sympathy. One more question, do you know if there have been any drops on this site for watches under $50? I'll probably pick up a Timex soon, but if there's a chance massdrop will give me a better option I may wait a little longer. Thanks again for the feedback. By the way, nice collection!
I have not seen such a drop to date, but I only signed up this past January. I think I would just get the watch and not dwell on saving another couple of bucks. Prices on Amazon fluctuate almost daily and not always in your favor. Something that costs hundredsof dollars, yeah I would advise patience instead.
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