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Great Quality Soldering Iron

I want to buy a keyboard and I need a soldering iron to complete it. Which soldering irons should I avoid and which brands make very good quality soldering irons?

I second the Hakko FX888D but went with this kit: Considering you get more and better quality with the Hakko than Aouye, I don't consider the savings worth it.
I use a hakko fx600 and I love it. It has an adjustable temp dial, easy to replace tips, and works really well overall. I've built three boards with it now and have yet to burn out a contact or damage anything, even when de/resoldering an entire Pok3r.
If you have the room for it a soldering station with adjustable temp is great, and Weller as well as Hakko make some really great irons.
I've used both the Weller and the Hakko (borrowed a friend's Weller for a while and built a few keyboards, then bought the Hakko). They are both good irons. I paid about $100 for the Hakko, which is a bit cheaper than the Weller.
Weller makes fantastic irons.
I recommend the Weller WESD 51
I'm extremely happy with my Hakko FX888d Soldering Station. It's top-notch. I've not tried any other soldering irons, so I can't say about the other brands.
The general consensus is that you should buy one that's temperature adjustable. Hakko and Aouye are two brands that come to name, with the latter being considerably more wallet friendly. I paid close to $200 shipped for my Hakko, but I do understand that it can be found for less. The Aouye that was recommended to me was this one: but I ended up going with this Hakko instead: (This is the exact one I bought just over a year ago and paid $175 for. The price has dropped considerably since!)