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I have looking to getting a new laptop and I have narrowed it down to three choices. Anyone think they can help me decide, meet me in the polls. The laptops are:
Microsoft Surface Laptop
MacBook Pro (with touchbar)
LG Gram 13

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If I have to select the laptop then I will go with plain and simple, the HP Envy 17t Touch is a well-built laptop that makes few compromises on its specs. But as here if I have to pich in those of three laptop then I will go with high-performance MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is available in 13-inch and 15-inch models. The one advantage, if you pick a HP laptop then you can easily get the tech solution for it by HP Support Number, For more visit their website
The surface 100%. I'm assuming you want this for gaming. Microsoft is WAY better on that front. Mac's are good for video editing, picture, sound, and basically productivity. They are fast, but not nearly powerful enough to handle games even as small as Fortnite on lowest graphics. I tried to play on my sister's 2014 Mac desktop, and got .3 FPS....
Just avoid the i9 processor ;)
I will never not recommend a macbook. But honestly it depends very heavily on your use case. If unix is important to you get a macbook. If reliability is important to you get a macbook. Otherwise get the surface or the LG.
I have LG gram and would recommend it. Very light and portable and though the internal specs are not the greatest it meets the requirements for most people's daily use.
I have a Macbook pro 13", Am not sure about your needs but nowadays I feel carrying 13" everyday is pain. I'm in the market for Microsoft surface pro, which is powerful, sleek and easy to carry around.
dell xps 13/15 is what i would get i have surface pro 4 and its great id go with surface
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