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I have looking to getting a new laptop and I have narrowed it down to three choices. Anyone think they can help me decide, meet me in the polls. The laptops are:
Microsoft Surface Laptop
MacBook Pro (with touchbar)
LG Gram 13

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Just avoid the i9 processor ;)
I will never not recommend a macbook. But honestly it depends very heavily on your use case. If unix is important to you get a macbook. If reliability is important to you get a macbook. Otherwise get the surface or the LG.
I have LG gram and would recommend it. Very light and portable and though the internal specs are not the greatest it meets the requirements for most people's daily use.
I have a Macbook pro 13", Am not sure about your needs but nowadays I feel carrying 13" everyday is pain. I'm in the market for Microsoft surface pro, which is powerful, sleek and easy to carry around.
dell xps 13/15 is what i would get i have surface pro 4 and its great id go with surface
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