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What Is Your Biggest Keyboard Regret?

Most people have them, something they thought they would love they sadly ended up hating. My biggest regret was the magiforce-68, you may say to yourself "Kyle that's a great board what are you talking about?!?!?!" well I agree it is a good board, what I regret is putting gateron clears in it. I am a man who loves his heavy keys so these were grossly light, not my thing and a huge waste of money. I gave that keyboard to a friend. But what I want to know is what's your biggest mistake? I mean we all make them so no shame in sharing :D
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Buying a razer blackwidow ultimate years ago, thinking that it was end-game worthy.
its alright haha I did the same with a corsair, better but still not good
Regret not getting the Tokyo60 here a few months back... hope a redrop happens soon™
I also sort of regret not getting a Neon Tiger
My biggest mistake so far was not saving my pennies like I said I would to get in on the original Laser drop
Putting LEDs on my WhiteFox. It was such a hassle and I never use them.
Building an ErgoDox.

My thumbs just don't fit the thumb keys, I got pain in my thumbs and ended up selling my two ErgoDox's with the awesome key cap sets I had bought for them. Now, two years later I want to try a split orthopaedic with different thumb key layout.
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Haha, didn't mean to!

I think it mostly depends on your hand sizes, as they are all different.

If you're unsure, maybe you know someone who lets you try one.

And if all else fails, you can still sell them again and build another board. (I'm currently trying out the Viterbi …)
Yeah, I have medium sized hands so it will probably be ok. :)
Missing out on Laser Alt
I have moved five times in two months and couldn't scrape up the spare change for it, I'm super sad about that but it's life
I'm right there with you brother. I'm sorry for your hard-goings recently, hopefully you're more settled now.
My biggest keyboard fail was impulsive buying Steelseries G6V2. This isn't horrible board, but Cherry MX Black it's really heavy for me, print on keycaps is absolute low cost (fade out after month or so) at least this layout is non-standard (big L enter) so no 3th party keycaps...
By far, missing out on Godspeed XDA. I don't know if I'll ever be able to find a set of it, let alone the novelties.
Bought keyboard and ruined the caps lock key swapping out switches. Thankfully it was on the cheaper end!
Not building a planck in the first place because I thought they were stupid. Now it's all I use and I have 6 keyboards laying around that I never use, and only 2 that I do.
Putting a metal case Model F as well as a lab of working IBM XTs in the dumpster because Surplus didn't want them. This happened decades ago.
I really regret not getting the moon keycap during the Jelly Key Lunar New Year artisan drop. Love my moon bunny and mooncake, but they feel incomplete without the moon itself.
for now that would be not getting the kyrillics kit with yuri! and buying a mx-red board, absolutely not my type. but it can still serve as a "frame" for some nice caps on the wall, so i got that going for me which is nice.
Not jumping on that Nautilus keycap drop when I could.