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Timepieces for the Small-Wristed Man

This has probably been asked here before, so if that's the case I apologize.
I'm currently using a small Apple Watch (series 1), and the 38 looks quite large on my wrist. Unfortunately, most men's watches are 40+, and I've been unable to find anything that has the appeal of a classic watch without the bulk. Are there any brands out there catering to the small-wristed?

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Just for starters, I'll throw out a Braun watch that is 38mm, and actually wears compact due to the lugs being hidden inside the case. I have a version of this with a central seconds hand.

Thank you!
Just for purposes of giving more valid suggestions, are you interested in mechanical or automatic movements, or looking for a more put-watch-on-and-go experience with quartz movement?
Down the road I'd love to get into mechanical pieces, but the put-watch-on-and-go variety seems like the ticket for me right now.
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