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Auido-Techinica on ears

Can anyone give me some info on the Audio-Technica on ear line of woodies? I know they make a few different models with the newest one being sold in America as the ESW990H.

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Audio-Technica wood series:
on-ear ESW series: ESW9, ESW10jpn, ESW11ltd, ESW9ltd, and ESW950 in Japan (looks the same as ESW990H),
in-ear: CKW1000ANV
clip-on: EW9
over-ear W series: W10VTG, W100, W11JPN, W11R, W1000, W2002, W5000, W1000X, W1000Z, W3000ANV, and L3000.

Only EW9, ESW990H, W1000Z and W5000 being sold now in 2017.
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