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Massdrop Special: SQUALE

I haven't seen a Pepsi bezel diver out there worth anything other than the Rolex and Seiko. Seems like a Squale 1545 with a blue and red bezel would be perfect for a Massdrop special- Squale doesn't make one, but if enough people are interested, I bet they'd do a limited run. I don't have a Squale yet and haven't seen them here yet- anyone else interested? I'd like to knock two birds down with one stone- grab a Squale 1545 and a Pepsi bezel watch at the same time.
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Day two with my new Squale. Got the "Root Beer" edition of the 20 Atmos. (I posted on the wrist watch check.) Love the feel. The 40 mm wears like a mid size watch. I'd like to see a 1545 Squale on Massdrop.
I've been trying for over a year!
I have the pepsi dial squale, just feels abit childlike...abit gutted I chose it tbh
Umm.. just a slight correction, Squale did make a pepsi 1545 a couple years ago, I have one, but with a white pan am dial. They were limited runs, you can see here at LIW:
But yea, I might go for another if we can get a MD special run with a black dial and if we can, a ceramic bezel - like the Squale Tropic Ceramic GMT.
The new Stenihart 39mm pepsi is a stellar piece as well, and Steinharts have a record of doing limited special runs as well, so might be worth doing that as well. Pop in a box sapphire like the O1V and it'll be a killer.
I definitely want a black dial- and I missed that white dial Pepsi 1545. Thanks for sharing!
I love my O1VM- it's my go-to. Really want to add a 1545 to the collection though :)
Crazy, it's been almost a year since I posted this. I still don't have a squale! Let's get some action on this thread- I bet at least 10 people out there will buy one.
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It's not a Squale, and it's a GMT rather than a diver, but this Pepsi Steinhart might be of interest to you.
Already have a Steinhart Ocean One, I need a Squale for the collection :)
Me too
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