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Best external monitor for MacBook Pro?

Anybody have any input on what monitor would be best? Ideally (for obvious reasons) it will have type-c which know currently lowers the number of options A LOT. I would like it to be an ultra-wide if possible. If it had 4K that would be cool but is it even necessary being that the Macbook doesn't even output that high of a resolution? The other thing I would like it to have is a VESA pattern but that is not a deal breaker.

I am planning to pick up a MacBook pro 13" with the TouchBar sometime this week. I just want to make sure that I have everything planned out correctly and I can make the nerve wracking transition from being a lifelong Windows user to a newb MacOS user as seamless as possible.

Thank you all in advance!
-That One Cat

p.s. I am aware already of the 27" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor (27" Diagonal) already. I will be using clamshell mode daily so it is very important to me that the monitor place nicely with this. I have read that the LG mentioned above has issues with that as well as some light bleed.

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There is a list of external Monitor that is compatible with MacBook Air but my favorite two is NEC MultiSync EA244WMi $379.00 and Apple Thunderbolt Display $999.00 both are good if you want an affordable one go with NEC MultiSync EA244WMi. for more about Macbook Air visit :
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