May 16, 2017

Laptop Setup

Hello guys,
I recently got into pc gaming as console gaming was no longer sufficient for me. The problem is though I don't own a pc. I own a laptop with an Intel Core i7 5500-U 2.4GHz, an NVIDIA GeForce 920m and 8gb of RAM. I was thinking of buying a solid monitor, a keyboard and a mouse to hook it up to. This will cost me about $150 which is about my limit. What do you guys think I should do? I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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I love to play game on laptop. A few days ago my windows got corrupted. Then I found a link that helps me to set up laptop. That really helps me quickly.
The laptop is probably the worst way to go for a PC gaming experience. That being said, as long as you're not trying to play the latest and greatest at 60 FPS, it should do for games like Darkest Dungeon, Starcraft 2 or any other non-demanding or older game for now. There are plenty of great games that should work well with your existing setup.
Due to your budget constraints, I'd recommend just picking up a 24" POS 1920x1080 dell monitor. Check Craigslist or some such, I've given two away myself to people who needed them, so they are pretty ubiquitous. DON'T buy anything solid until you have the funds for a desktop system. There's a sub-reddit which will assist you in making your system on the cheap (buildapc or buildapcforme). Just start looking all that up and getting familiar with the parts you'll need.
Save up, and ditch the laptop. You should be able to build a decent setup for $300-$400, but $500 and change will get you a decent system with a 970 (or AMD equivalent) which will get you started in "real" PC gaming.
I'd recommend building it yourself. It's not that hard with all the tutorials out there. Plenty of people can help you, gratis. In fact, I had my daughter build her PC on her 9th birthday and she required minimal assistance (mounting the mobo on the case was hard because of the size of her hands; the only assistance I gave her).
That's my suggestion. Take it as you will.
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You'll find resolution to be the main issue with monitors. More pixels, more GPU power needed. Since you're on a laptop, you're locked to that GPU without a full upgrade.
But finding a cheap 20-24" 60 Hz monitor should be pretty simple. I've seen them thrown out by the dozen from my IT department. It's silly.
You don't need a "gaming keyboard" to enjoy PC gaming. Sometimes, the old IBMs are as good if not better than the modern mech kbs out now. Hit up a thrift store and you should be able to get a working one for between $5-15
Mouse is trickier, but look for a deal on an old G5 or make some PC gaming friends IRL; I guarantee you they will have spares they will just give to you. In fact, that's how I made my first gaming build. I had friends who just gave me the parts, and a copy of Wing Commander 3 and a copy of "Building PCs for Dummies". Don't mooch, ask politely. In fact, just seeing your setup will probably get more than a few donos.
Whatever you do, don't spend more than $20 on getting your current setup running. Putting it in savings for your upgrade will end up working better in the long run.
Thank you very much. I'll see what I can do.
You basically screwed with 150 budget. Yes - go get keyb/mouse combo for $10-20 and spend the rest on a monitor - you probably can get 24". It will improve your productivity. But you will be able to play the games only at very low resolutions and detail settings. If you are willing to go desktop - then for 450 u can get into something. There is laptop external solution from NVidia - it by itself costs 300, without graphics card. So add like 200 for GPU. U get 500 for some funky no good laptop solution. You better off going with desktop. :)
What if I have $300-$400 to spend? How would you spend your money? That includes a tv and a monitor.
depends on what you like/need more - game console or PC. You can buy XBox OneS. Or check youtube for guides on "$400 gaming PC 2017". there are tons and tons such videos.
No way a 920 is gonna run anything. Even the 930/940/950 is crap (not capable to hold 60FPS at medium, most of the time not even 30), thinking about that you could also use the Intel HD without noticing too much of a difference lol.
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Trust me, it wont even do 1080p at low, thats in no way possible
My primary machine is a laptop with a 970M and I have to run most newer games at mostly medium to get a solid 60fps at 1080p. That said, a 920M should be able to play games like BF1 and DooM at low decently, though possibly at less than 1080p.
with luck it would run Minecraft on 20 fps
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