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Would anybody be interested in some less gamer-esque gear?

Such as monitors, computer chairs, desks, etc.
Not to say get rid of things geared toward the gaming enthusiast,
Just include more for the programmers, coders, and artists;
The minimalists and those who may not prefer RGB and exuberant monitor stands.
More ergonomic, less flashy, more neutral chairs.

Would this interest anybody?
Sarah Moore, genghis, and 7 others

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Agreed. Can we get something that doesn't look like it was dragged out of a rave every once in awhile?
lmao hit the nail on the head
Yes! I am in the market for a new chair and all that gets posted here are the racing style chairs for gamers.
Sure. More professional stuff. Deep color Ultra high res OLED monitors.
@rumham @elvy-penswick I'm really happy that you guys feel the same way! Hopefully MD can pick up on this in someway. You all hit the nail on the head.
i really want that to happen
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