May 19, 2017

Thermopen Mk 4


I have a different TermoWorks thermometer that I bought for about $30. I have had it for 3 years, works perfectly. But it only goes to 300F, is less accurate than the ThermoPen, has a smaller display, longer read times, and is not IP67. These differences, plus having a max temp of 572F make more desire the upgrade. Grant it, I don't need to 572, but I do want to be able to read up to 450F.
Same here. It's a well-built device that works great, but $99 is steep for an instant-read thermometer (for me, anyway).
Although, I did buy the Lavatools knockoff a few years back for ~$25. It worked great for a couple years, but then the plastic casing around the temp probe started to crack (probably from me repeatedly pulling the temp probe to open it, tbh, which was a mistake in retrospect). It eventually became unusable. A thermometer that held up for, say, ten years would be worth it, especially with a group buy discount.
I know Thermapens have been around for a while. Anyone have any insight on long-term durability?