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Bold Men Socks with a Social Cause

Hey there Massdrop community, I run a Sock Brand called Society Socks. We create fun and stylish socks, and with every pair sold we donate another to charity. A friend who uses Massdrop has been nudging me for a while to ask the community if they would be interested in a holiday deal, so here I am :) Question: Would you guys be interested in a Society Socks massdrop deal? Happy to throw in a large pack (say nine pairs in a box) or a smaller bundle of two socks. I've attached a few photos of our socks below - if you want to see what our catalog consists of check out our products page here:


benchi, Reny Mencia, and 6 others

I would definitely be interested! I just received 4 pair that I recently ordered from your website. Very high quality and stylish. And the fact that you donate 1 pair for each pair ordered to homeless shelters is very cool! Today I'm wearing the bee's!
Sorry! I went to your product site & only saw 4 pair that I kinda liked but nothing "Knocked my socks off" so I' ll pass ! Bye!
Personally, I love socks. But, I also love the socks that I love. I've signed up for and cancelled "sock of the month" subscriptions because I didn't like most of what came. So, I'd do a box, but I'd only do it if I picked the styles.
Are these socks mid-calf or full-calf? I hate short socks...
I am in need of some new socks, so 9 at the right price would be awesome!
Our socks are 7-13, does that work for you? Would an 8 pack of socks make sense for you?
I wear a size 14 US, so if you have some XL socks, I'd be interested.
We have size 7-13 so I think you might be just outside of the range unfortunately. We're exploring making an XL line in the future!
Thanks! What type of socks would you want to see?