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A Massdrop wish list

The Grand Seiko recreation of the first in 1960. The classic look of this timepiece it's just "it". I will love to see a massdrop of this Grand Seiko dress watch. Do you?
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Grand Seiko isn't sold anywhere in the US. I think that's the main obstacle. But it would be nice.
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Yep, you're righ.
Grand Seiko boutique in Hollywood ca
I'd be about it for the right one. I think on MD though, the discount would have to be steep enough to hook, not because people here are cheap, but the expectation of MD is to get it at a discount better than anywhere else, or something you can't get any longer AND AT A DISCOUNT.
MD has had Maurice LaCroix drops, so A higher end piece is not out of the realm of possible, I just don't know if I see them getting any GS on here anytime soon, as Seiko seems to be making moves to secure the image of GS.
my .02
That would be great, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it. :)
I agree. Hard to imagine Grande Seiko offering on MD, or allowing them to be offered by any Authorized Dealer. That leaves grey market, and who know about quality if that's the sorce.
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