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How can I sort My Communities by most recent?

Previously, I would log into Massdrop, go to Drops page with just my communities, then sort by Most Recent. Now, when I click on "Shop", it only shows All Communities. If I only want to see my communities, I have to click each one-by-one and change the dropdown to Most Recent. I don't care about the communities I'm not in- I'm never going to buy some nerdass headlamp as long as I live. That's the whole point of joining communities, no? To hide the stuff you couldn't care less about? Please, restore the ability to sort drops in My Communities by Most Recent. I really don't see myself checking this site every day without it.
Duncan, gorian2222, and 11 others

The latest site change is the worst version yet. Clunky, wasteful.
Thank you for listening 👍
Back by popular demand!
Hooray! They did it! Thank you, Massdrop devs.
Yes please, bring this feature back. I don't like looking through other communities I'm not interested in.
Agreed! Since the redesign, I no longer check the site daily, and quite often just close the tab out of annoyance when I do visit. On the plus side, my spending has dropped considerably.
It's back! Still have to put up with all the wasted space in that left column, but at least it's a step back in the right direction.
I want this feature back too. It's absolutely ridiculous that they removed the most useful feature they had going in this new layout. I suspect it was done to "force" people to view all drops in the hopes that you'd purchase something outside your typical interests, but frankly it just makes me to not want to use the site anymore.
Agreed. The must functional part of joining communities was filtering by most recent or ending soon. With that function gone, there's little to recommend joining communities.
Agreed. Since they took out the cheaper prices for more buyers, the only point of Massdrop is the communities. Now that's gone as well. I am not a fan of the new site design.
"Since they took out the cheaper prices for more buyers, the only point of Massdrop is the communities." I never even thought about the sites change in those terms, but you nailed it. Granted I used to spend so much money here a few years ago only started looking at the site again recently. The previous design took some getting used to but I definitely prefer it to this arrangement of drops.
+1000. I just made a post to ask about this since all of the FAQ type articles still say MassDrop is a group buying platform with graduating discounts. It isn't, it's just a store with listings that are activated and deactivated weekly.
Would love to hear from Massdrop how I can just see My Communities sorted by Most Recent. Or at least explain what is even the point of joining communities now?
I mean, if you're going to force me to click through all of my individual communities, at least persist my Sort By Most Recent selection so I don't have to change the dropdown every time. Is this just a way to try to force users to see every item even if they're not interested in that community? That's what it feels like.
Same here. I really want this feature back.
Just keep scrolling down and you can sort all drops by new. It confused me at first as well, but you can still sort all drops by new without clicking anything. For the record, I'm not a fan of this redesign.
but I don't want to see "All Drops", that shows me all the drops available on the site. I just want to see the drops from "My Communities" aka the ones I opt-in to.
Oh that is true. I usually look at everything so I didn't think about that. Seems like they've made joining specific communities pointless.
Same! Like, respectfully, I don't give a fuck about novelty keycaps and I never want to see one again in my life. The best feature of this site was tailoring YOUR community to YOUR interests. I don't see what could have possibly been gained by getting rid of that option. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I would rather not use this site than have to sift through tons of drops that have no relevance to me. Seems weird that no one else is bothered by this... the mind boggles.