Dec 8, 2018

BIC America F12 Subwoofer

What does everyone think of this sub? I'm starting to build my first budget entertainment center sound system and have seen recommendations online for it as an entry-level purchase.


I was considering this one...but reviews pan this for audio quality .... more money for HSI, Rhythmic and SVS but much better reviews
Not a bad sub, I generally recommend my friends save their pennies and go for a manufacturer that specializes in this sort of thing. HSU, SVS, Rhythmik are better on the performance for dollar front. Cheap subs usually sound like cheap subs (lack extension, uneven response, boomy/one note bass).
Thank you for the recommendations!
Your most welcome, the BIC would be fine if all you care about is home theater use. Music (since you are in audiophile I assume that matters) is more difficult for cheap subs to pull off. The HSU Research VTF-1 while not cheap at $399 is a tremendous value.