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This is my "bang per buck" go for story setup. Since I was doing research for my new HD 6XX that i got for $150 (like 3 months ago) most people, members and forums tell me to go for "the schiit stack" (magni+modi), but at the same time people said that those sound like "schiit". Since my budget was only 100 dollars and schiit is expensive to deliver to Mexico I tried with other stacks, then it appers the "topping stack"(A30+D30), here is when I said wow. Shipping did a difference in this case because made consider $300 for schiit or $200 for topping(since shipping is "free"). At the final I decided to go for the amp only, the A30 (since many audiophiles recommend going for headphone>amp>source/DAC), and find for a DAC later since my MSI with Nahimic 2 can do "good enough" for its sample rating, and also there as no dac/amp combo cheap enough that doesn't distorts; and then it appears @ZeosPantera with his Atom & Liquid Spark review ( and everything just blow up. I just had even more information to handle, but college tread me worst so it was nothing. Here is when @amirm save me, with science. Measurements (combined with the reviews of ASR and the youtubers at the moment) made me said "F*** I'M GOING WHATEVER". At the final the Atom had my last word(and respect) for the measurements, since is qualified as "one of the cleanest amps" and drives over 240 mw at 300 ohms, and finally I got some breath. I have material enough for a montage for youtube with "In the Hall of the Mountain King" as backgroung song. Just when I bought my Atom I said "why the h*** do I not go for the DAC at once?" and it was easy to choose that I almost turn around my desk for looking to the whole process for the amp. The immediate decision was anything from SMSL or Topping and my go for was the D30 since it's the best around $100, it offers me all I need, but if i wanted to follow the aesthetics with the Atom, the D50 is a no-brainer (also thanks to @amirm with it's measurements). At the final a "bang-per-buck" setup (Atom+D10) goes to "above average" setup (Atom+D50). The truth is that I want to thank @ZeosPantera and @amirm for give me an "audiophile" experience, since I'm still a student it really hits me in my wallet doing wrong choices, even if I can resell my stuff, so that's information is appreciated, that's what someone who upgraded from Razer Krakens 7.1 can say.
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