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[AVAILABLE NOW] Maze by Percent Studio!

Hey friends, We're super excited to bring on Percent Studio for the first time ever! We'll be kicking off our partnership with the brand new Maze. There will be 5 color options at checkout, the PCBs have been improved by Percent Studio. I've always been a HUGE fan of Percent Studio, everything they have released so far is really my type of end-game perfection! I hope everyone will enjoy the keyboard as much as I do!
We're working out the details as we speak, so stay tuned for the launch in December! Checkout more images and news through Percent Studio's IG! Cheers! Xi
The Maze Keyboard is available now!

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Ludovico Guerriero, OrcasKR, and 101 others

I love this wallet wants to let everyone know that im killing it with this hobby and artisans
Holy shit this is almost as beautiful as XiK is.
will they please have ortho support?
any updates on when the groupbuy would be happening?
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looking forward to it!
Me too!!
Is that mouse for real?
TKL? Full size?
idk) why not canoe )) good board // go canoe
Let me guess, no chance of a full size variant?
Those keycaps, would you ever sell them separately lol
That mint green is to die for.
Very nice. Just to confirm, based on what Ive seen about this on instagram and on reddit those three buttons on the right have standard MX switches under them yeah?
Of course, this only works on Macintosh Classic and Fat Mac.
Cute! I love the 3 side button
please, be under 300$, I have no money left ;w;
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I dare if it's 299 I'm gonna be really mad at you orz
Yeah! I ve been waiting for this Keyboard!
Yeeeeeaaaaa. Im sure there wont be but i pray for a TKL version.
whoa mama all those colors look so good
Percent is ahead of the curve.
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Sell me those caps!
Any chance of a plate supporting ISO?
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The three Danish vowels ÆØÅ and the placement of symbols are what keeps me using ISO :) though ANSI in most cases has the superior layout.
If Europe switched to ANSI, maybe the US would switch to metric.
I hope there will be a split space plate option. Fingers crossed.
noob here, I’ve seen people requesting split space bars on other gb’s. What’s the advantage?
I like the ergonomics. I have a tap-layer on the 1.25 key in the middle, which is space when tapped and triggers my main function layer when hold. The left 2.25 I use as Cmd on the Mac, so I get away with less hand and finger movement.
where can I buy this???
Here. Soon.
thanks for the reply
It looks so cool
How soon?
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black, green, gray looks awesome. . Why is there no red case option? i've been waiting on these to release.
That looks a-MAZE-ing! Bawhahahaha! *ahem* Sorry.
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get out your wallet?
Found Duncan's wallet in the trash bag