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Recommendations for a white wireless gaming mouse.

Hey everyone,
I was hoping the community could help me find a good** gaming mouse thats white so it matches my new desk setup.
The features I'm looking for:
Wireless / Auto Sleep / 1600+ DPI / Left, Right, Middle Click / Mouse Wheel / Lift Detection
For context, I currently own a Logitech G602 mouse, and I'm looking for similar performance. I can do without the customised button and profiles.
I'm also open to corded mice, but I really would like a wireless one so that I don't have a cable running on top of my minimalist desk.
ps. I wish for this not to turn into a wired vs wireless discussion as it often does in gaming forums. Thanks again.

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If you don't mind spending a lot of cash($200 to be exact) and waiting a bit, I'd suggest giving Logitech's upcoming G703 a try, along with their PowerPlay mousepad. Here's a Tom's Hardware article about this dynamic duo:,34798.html
Take the G602 apart and paint it white. I used spray on Vinyl dye for the mouse buttons and white plasti dip on the textured base. Finished off the painted surfaces with a clear semi gloss enamel.
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I'll have to try that. The Plasti-dip I used for the lower portion is starting to crack and peel after 2 years and I need to refinish it.
BRUH they look fantastic- this is what I need to do for my G903 when it shows up
Nixeus Revel is good white mouse. It is wired. For gaming you will need wired anyways.
Probably not much help but I use my rgb death adder razer chroma on white a lot and it looks really cool, which is wireless
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