Dec 15, 2018

What to do with .bin file output from configurator?

A few alphas stopped working on my MD control, and used the configurator to spit out a .bin file, but the QMK toolbox app only uses .hex files. KBfirmware builder also uses .json files to build on, but I don't get either from the MD configurator. I'm new to this, so I'm sure there is something basic I'm missing, can someone please enlighten me? Thank you!

CTRL doesn't work with QMK toolbox. You'll need to use If you want a drag and drop interface, checkout
TY, I read up on it and just didn't realize MD has it own thing going on, and it's not compatible. I didn't get the MD loader to work properly, but I'll check it out more when I get some down time. Ty
If you have discord. Join the QMK discord, there is a lot of helpful people in there